How to play Progressive Baccarat

Rules for Progressive Baccarat online.
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Last updated on 12th June 2021

Guide to playing the Jackpot Baccarat in India

There are different variants of baccarat that you can play and one of them is Progressive Baccarat. This particular version is interesting as it lends a twist to the classic game.

There is a progressive jackpot introduced as a side bet. This provides you with an opportunity to have payouts that can be life-changing with the same kind of wagers you use in other baccarat games.

Introducing jackpots into traditional casino games is something which has become more and more popular – all for you to win bigger. Because nowadays you will also find Roulette with a jackpot.

In my guide, you will learn how to win the Jackpot, the rules and a list of my favourite online casinos. These casinos accept Indian players and you can play Progressive Baccarat for real money with just a few clicks. Enjoy!

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What to Expect?

When you sit down for a game of Progressive Baccarat, especially for a live dealer table experience, you can get to know a great deal from the dealers who can provide you information about the game and how the different rounds are conducted. They will conduct the game with an eight deck of cards.

If you log in from a live casino section expect great video as well as audio quality with supporting side bets of Perfect Pairs. Most of the user interface proves intuitive, helping you understand how to place your bets and to follow the simple rules of the game.

There are also online video versions of Progressive Baccarat which are animated in 2 or 3D. In this version, you can’t chat with the live dealer or the other players. Something which you can do in live Progressive Baccarat.

Steps of the Game & winning the jackpot

Guide 2 Gambling's rules to the Jackpot version of Baccarat.

When you log in to an online casino hosting Progressive Baccarat, you need to play it by the following steps to win the Jackpot:

  • When the sign called “Place Your Bets” is active, you as a player will get to choose from seven different sizes of chicks;
  • These can be placed on the positions of Tie, Banker or Player before you start to play;
  • The tables come with seats for seven players and there are side bets for Perfect Pairs;
  • There is a slot made available for placing a side bet for the progressive jackpot; this slot is usually located in the upper right-hand corner of the game matrix;
  • For the progressive side bet you can place wagers between the minimum and maximum range of $2 to $20;

Rules to Remember

The basic rules of Progressive Baccarat are not too difficult, but make sure to keep track of the following:

  • Face cards and 10s are considered zero while Aces has a value of 1, just like in Baccarat Squeeze;
  • When you receive two hands in an initial dealing check the total of the values; if it is more than 9 then you need to subtract ten from it; hence, two cards that total 10 will equal as 0; if you have a total from a hand with cards of values 7 and 8 then the total 15 becomes 5 and so forth;
  • Banker’s hand wins more than player’s hands; however as a player when you win then no commissions are charged;
  • Commission of 5% is placed on the banker’s hand;
  • Even though ties are not found easily if you place a bet on a tie and this wins then the payout is 8:1;

Rules of Wins

Alright, so these are the rules you should aim to win the ultimate goal:

  • Winning hand is 9 or close such as 8 which is considered a natural when you have the sum of your cards adding to such amount;
  • After two cards are dealt out to the player and the banker, depending on their card values they will take certain actions;
Card Values of the PlayerAction to Take
0 to 5Draw another
6 or 7Stand or hold
8 or 9This is called a natural outcome; as compared to the banker’s hand it could be a tie, 8 or 9

Payouts in Progressive Baccarat

Once wagers are placed and players start the game, payouts are awarded in the following ways:

  • If you get a total score of 6,7,8 or 9 payouts are awarded as 10/1, 15/1, 20/1 and 25/1 respectively;
  • If a hand value total comes as Ace + 8 for either banker and the player payout is 1000 to 1;
  • If hand values for both become a tie for both then payout is 10,000 the wagered amount;
  • Progressive jackpot becomes the payout if both banker and player are dealt 8 and Ace of the same suit;

If you feel confused initially, there is no need to hesitate. Simply log on and find the software showing the steps to the user. There are certain features included that are highlighted in the game panel as options under the table layout.

One can also see hand outcomes that were previous which are showcased on the right-hand side of the video screen of the live game.


G2G's guide to learning how to play Progressive Baccarat.

If you love a game of baccarat, a session of Progressive Baccarat will be even more exciting since it includes the probability a jackpot prize and larger wins for same wager amounts.

You can try this variant at different online casino sites as many of the major software brands like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt offer this game in a 2/3D and live version.

All you need to know are the basic rules and strategies and follow the signs for placing side bets to become wine several crores in a split second!

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