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How to Play Multi Wheel Roulette

G2G's guide to multi wheel roulette

Guide to Playing Multi Wheel Roulette in India

Among the different variants of roulette, rules for Multi Wheel roulette showcase an interesting game that you can play. The standard version remains a simple game, with the wheel being spun, players choosing a number and then prizes being given out accordingly. You can repeat several rounds and see massive payouts in a straightforward game.

The game is featured at most Indian internet casinos and can be played towards a live roulette dealer, or a computerized roulette machine.

What is the Multi Wheel Roulette?

Layout of the Multi Wheel roulette table.

For its popularity, several variants have also been introduced to make things interesting. Hence, in the Multi Wheel version, you will find multi-hand action here with the same rules that apply in the base game. As a result, in every spin, there is more action.

What is Different in Multi Wheel Roulette?

When you open the game check for the number of wheels involved; Playtech usually provides six while Microgaming provides eight. You as a player will place your bet and wait for a single result to showcase. The option to play multiple wheels exists as well which multiply your earnings potential as well as bring in more excitement.

You need to bet on every wheel you choose to play. Bet is doubled on two wheels while a bet on eight with a $10 on each wheel will require a total wager of $80. You need to make your selection accordingly and then trigger the spins. The spins will happen simultaneously.

The results on each wheel will show up independent of each other and hence, you are sure to see wins in some and losses in others. Once all the spins are over for a round, you can count your winnings and begin again.

Remember that the house edge remains a consistent number at 2.7% and payout odds are affected accordingly. You can find the game in both the American and European version.

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G2G's have compiled the rules for Multi Wheel Roulette.

You will find Multi Wheel roulette in different online casinos in India. You need not be a pro to try your hand at this version of roulette; all rules are explained to you along with help on the different kinds of bets you can place. Once you have made yourself familiar with the rules for Multi Wheel roulette, you can start by opting for a demo mode of this game.

Once you have opened an account at a trustworthy casino site you can wager real money!

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