How to Play Mini Roulette

G2G's guide to mini roulette.
Christopher Baude

Editor-In-Chief, Christopher

Last updated on 5th October 2021

Guide to Playing Mini Roulette from India

Among the different roulette variations, you will find Mini roulette, which is a smaller variation of the classic table casino game. This might sound interesting and it is since it breaks away from the conventional wheel design. You might not find it at land-based casinos but this is one of many innovative online casino games that can be tried at some of the best casino sites online.

On this page, I will go through the differences of Mini vs. regular roulette, the rules and where you can find casinos accepting Indian players.

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What is Mini Roulette?

Screenshot of Mini Roulette game

As a beginner, it can be a great choice since the rules for mini roulette comprise of fewer numbers, given the smaller design of the roulette wheel.

You need not think of numerous bet options as are available in the standard roulette wheel and also, there is less number combination to think of. Hence, there is ease of play and gives a break from the usual roulette wheel of 35 or 37 numbers.

The Layout of the Game

The mini roulette comprises of a wheel that has slots numbered from 0 to 12. The 0 slots are colored green and other slots are of red or black in color. Number sequence moves from 0,5,12,3,10,1,8,9,2,7,6,11,4. Odd numbers are usually in red while even numbers are marked in black slots.

Table layout is simple since the roulette wheel comprises of 13 numbers and the special boxes on the board allow you to choose from the standard bets.


Betting Options

The standard bets are applicable here such as:

Bet NameDescriptionPayout Ratio
Straight upBet on a single digit11:01
SplitHere you can bet on numbers adjacent to each other05:01
StreetYou can place a bet on three numbers arranged in a row03:01
ColumnThis refers to the ball landing on a column of numbers; any number within the chosen column will provide a win02:01
CornerYou can bet on four numbers that form a square02:01
Half a dozenYou can bet on any number from 0 to 5 or 6 to 1201:01
Red/blackYou can bet on red or black slots01:01
Even/oddHere you can bet on even or odd numbers01:01

As seen above, the payouts differ as per the kind of bet you choose. The highest payout is with the straight-up bet for which you need to be lucky to land the very number you choose. In contrast, safer bets are even or odd or based on colors where your chances of winning increase.

As per the kind of bet you choose the Return to Player Percentage also varies. However, on an average, rules for mini roulette comprise of RTP is 96.15%. This is not the highest but it is definitely better than certain forms of roulette such as American roulette where RTP averages around 94%.

You will find this game to a unique spin on the traditional model. The betting range is small and RTP is average but it is a beginner-friendly game as it is easy to understand and play within a few minutes. Also, if you lose to zero you get back half the bet amount which also reduced the house edge.

Tips to Keep in Mind

The usual bets are split, straight up, corner and others. Given the small table, you can opt to bet on specific numbers. The wheel being smaller, the betting options are fewer than the French or European roulette. A dozen bets are replaced by half of that and French bets cannot be placed. Table layout remains simple and basic.

If you are starting to learn about roulette, trying your hand at mini roulette will help. The bet options are fewer and you need not think of too many number combinations.

Applying a strategy is crucial as well. Check out our article on the most successful roulette strategy to increase your chances of winning.


What are the Rules of Mini Roulette

Sign up today to try your hands at rules for mini roulette at an Indian casino site. It is made popular by Playtech software but you can find it form other software providers such as Evolution Gaming or NetEnt Live. The game is available in both Live Roulette online & animated video roulette. When I get to choose I always take Live Roulette so I can watch the dealer and the gameplay in full-HD and talk to other players or the dealers

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