How to Play Double Exposure Blackjack

Last updated on 26th November 2020
Guide to playing Blackjack Double Exposure

Guide to Playing Double Exposure Blackjack in India

Among the traditional table games, Blackjack is one and a variant of the same is Double Exposure Blackjack. The traditional game usually has seven players sitting around an arc-shaped table. The dealer sits inside and deals out from card deck of 52 cards.

The denominations of the cards here are as per their face values; hence cards from 2 to 10 are valued accordingly while 10, Jack, Queen, and King are valued at 10 while Aces could be 1 or 11. You as a player would want to reach a total score of 21 and not exceed beyond it which is against the cards of the dealer.

This game is not available in Live Blackjack version, but only in virtual blackjack mode. However, its widely popular on Indian online casinos, and more or less any casino you choose to sign up at will have this online casino game.

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About Double Exposure Blackjack

The difference in DE-Blackjack is that dealer will receive two cards with their face up when the initial deal is done. This favors player more but there are certain changes done to the rules so that the dealer also gets favorable advantages which compensate or balance out.

When it comes to the house edge, it is greater in this version. When you are looking at rules for Double Exposure Blackjack remember that house edge here is greater than what is expected in standard versions, such as Pontoon. However, it still remains profitable to play and here are some rules explained so that you can play to your advantage.

Rules for Double Exposure Blackjack

Screenshot of Double Exposure Blackjack

This version of blackjack has certain different rules. Before you sit down for a round of this variant, here are the rules you need to keep in mind which are different from the traditional version:

  • Dealer cards are dealt in a face-up manner;
  • The dealer will win when there are ties unless it is a natural blackjack;
  • Blackjack player gets paid in even cash;
  • The player can opt for a split but only for a single time;
  • Payouts here are 1:1 which varies from the traditional format where it is 3:2. You cannot execute an insurance option for which payouts are all equal;
  • In certain software versions such as that of NetEnt, you can opt for double down option only when you have totals of 9, 10 or 11;
  • If you split for Aces you can opt for a single extra card for the hands freshly made;
  • Once you opt for a split you cannot get a natural; hence, even if you have a 10 value and an Ace it will be considered 21 but not a blackjack;

About House Edge and Return to Player

In most cases, Blackjack has better odds. Double Exposure is a variant, will have better odds to offer as well. You can opt for this game as it involves 0.67% house edge which means that a player can have returns of 99.33%.

This gives a player a lot of advantage, especially if you compare the same with roulette that has a high house edge of 2.7% whereas the game has a house edge that can be 7% as well.


How to Play?

Once you have gone through the basic rules for Double Exposure Blackjack you can play the game in certain ways.

  • The game sessions start in standard ways; you begin by placing a bet differ as per platform whereby minimum bet is usually is 1 in different currencies. The maximum bet could be 40, 100 or even be in thousands;
  • Press deal option and get initial cards; the dealer will get their cards as well;
  • If you have a natural which is an Ace and a card with 10 value, it is a natural win; or else you can opt for different moves;

Moves You can Opt for

MoveWhat it Means
HitYou could opt for a card more in the same hand.
StandIf you feel that your card hand is good enough.
Double DownThe initial hand includes 9, 10, 11 and you feel that one more card will help you win.
SplitWhen two cards in your hand are of the same value; here you need to put in extra wager; it divides one hand into two.


You would win if the hand you have is higher in value as compared to the dealer’s and does not go above 21. If the value is higher than 21 then you lose or if you and the dealer have the same value hands. Push is when both are tied at blackjacks.


Screenshot of Double Exposure Blackjack Game

There are several casinos powered by NetEnt, Microgaming and other software where this variant of blackjack can be played. The rules for double exposure blackjack can help you try a session at an online casino and see wins for the wagers you place.

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