How to play Baccarat en Banque

Guide to playing Baccarat Banque in India.
Christopher Baude

Editor-In-Chief, Christopher

Last updated on 5th October 2021

How to Play Baccarat en Banque in India

When you come upon the variant of baccarat called Banque, the French name should be an indication to let you know that it is related in certain ways to the other variant, Chemin de Fer.

However, if you have not played that version before, do not fret. It is easy to pick up the rules and be part of the game at any of Indian online casino where it is available.

Baccarat Banque was made popular in France, hence the name. It is a banking counterpart to the variant Chemin de Fer where the casino takes on the role of the bank. That is the main difference here.

There is also another name for this version, called Baccarat à Deux Tableaux that stands for Baccarat on Two Tables. Initially, when the game became popular in France and other countries in Europe, it used to be played in two tables linked together which could seat a total of 10 to 16 players.

I have compiled a short guide to the rules and how it compares to the other variants. In the bottom, you will find reviews of online casinos accepting Indian players where you can play Baccarat Banque for real money.

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Table Layout and Dealings

As mentioned before, the table layout remains the same in the virtual online versions as well as in the land-based casinos. The dealer will be seated in the middle, between the two tables. Even bystanders are allowed to bet if bank bet is not covered by the bets of the players.

Three card decks are used in this game than the usual six or eight card deck as found in Punto Banco or in Chemin de Fer. Baccarat Banque has some variation from Deux Tableaux in how the hands are dealt. In the Banque version, one hand is dealt for the player and another for the banker while in Deux Tableaux two player hands are dealt out for the two tables and one hand for a banker. Hence, two player hands are played against one of the bankers.


Basic knowledge for playing Baccarat en banque online

When it comes to the gameplay of Baccarat Banque, there are some main steps to follow:

  • As a round begins, the dealer shuffles out the cards;
  • Players on right and left of dealer also shuffle cards and after that, the banker does the same;
  • The casino holds the role of the bank so it is a figurehead role here;
  • Banker chooses a player who will cut the cards with one; if you are a player, you will wait for the croupier to deal out the cards for the player hands on both sides. Hence, you will get one card and the player on the other side will be dealt with one after which the banker will get a card in Banque;
  • Now is the step when you place wagers on the banker or the player hands; when you are playing on the software you will have to click on designated boxes;
  • If you are a player you will bet on player hands while the banker will bet on his or her cards; banker can choose to place a bet on both hands of the players;
  • Now another card is dealt out and it starts from the player on the right; hence, if you are seated here, you will receive the first after which the player on the left table will receive the next after which the banker receives his or her hand;

Outcomes and Strategies

Outcome of HandsThe Stance of Player and Banker
If hands are a natural – 8 or 9Cards are compared by turning up the faces
9 wins over 8If neither hand have nine or eight player and banker choose another card
Two player hands are seenBanker decides on stance to stand or hit
Player hands show against banker individuallyWins or loses determined accordingly
If banker hand winsThe player continues in banker role
If banker hand losesNext person becomes a banker

Additional Rules to Consider

My advice for you is to opt for a third card in Banque when your hand is between 0 to 4. If your hand totals six or seven then you stand. When you are the banker then consider the two hands of the players on both tables and then focus on the hand with a higher wager.

In terms of betting norms, the total sum of your bet and that of the bet of the other player cannot exceed the total amount wagered by the banker in Banque. Often the bet amount placed by the banker is high; it could be the banker places a wager of $500. Players cannot go beyond that amount. At the same time, it becomes a high roller game.

If you assume the role of banker and lose a round, you need not give it up. However, if you wish to contest the role of a banker you can do so by announcing “Go bank” and place a wager that is equal to the bet amount of the banker.


Learn how Baccarat en Banque functions.

As seen above, the Banque variant of baccarat includes interesting but simple rules and makes for an immersive table game experience.

You can try it live at a casino site of your choice. Many casino sites offer the standard version while several platforms have Evolution Gaming or NetEnt technology that power their casino game sessions online for this and other table games.

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