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Published: 05/03/2019

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Slot Machine Betting Strategies

This is a two-part series I’ve written for Guide2Gambling. In the first part, I will go through some of the most common betting strategies used for how to win at online slots. In part 2 I will go through how to win at slots playing with a bonus.

Where to begin? There are as many strategies for slot machines with the goal to beat the casino as there are slot machines available.

The truth is, playing with real money on online casinos – you will lose. You may win in the short term (In my how slot works guide I explain the role of volatility) but in the long term, you will lose. It’s as certain as the sun will rise in the east and settle in the west.

There are, however, ways to beat the casino with math-proven betting strategies. For these strategies to work you will have to be playing with a deposit bonus which gives you an edge against the gambling website, something I cover in Part 2 of this guide.

If you are looking for a no-deposit slot strategy and want to win real money playing with bonus money – head over to my free slots page.

Real Money strategiesScreenshot of Real Money Strategies

There is a number of strategies floating around on the internet, developed by slot enthusiasts around the world. All sharing the same purpose: to make the slot experience more interesting and thrilling and ultimately beat the casino.

You and I both know that slot games are 100% of chance, but nevertheless, how you choose to bet will influence the outcome. Hence why it’s important to find a betting strategy that suits you, that make playing more fun and entertaining.

Practice: If you want to try any of the slot strategies below out, you can do so with fun money. Go to our free slots page and pick a game of your liking! Good luck!

The One Line StrategyScreenshot of One Line Strategy

This is my FAVOURITE real money slot strategy, you can use it on all slot games that do not have fixed paylines. All you need to do is that you change the number of paylines, so you are only playing with 1 payline active.

This will increases the volatility enormously but also the potential winnings. Hence why I strongly recommend you to lower your bet compared to what you usually play with as money may disappear quickly.

I’ve tried it myself on games like Book of Dead from Play’n Go or Dead or Alive by NetEnt.

The problem with slot machines that already are super volatile, is that they will become even more so. You would basically play Dead or Alive on… steroids! There will be a lot of dead spins. Sessions with 20-30 dead spins without a single win is not uncommon. Hence why I wouldn’t recommend these slots for this strategy.

Instead, there are slot machines that are, a little better, equipped for this slot strategy in terms of in-game features.

Play’n Go – Guarantee wins!

Play’n Go introduced a new feature called Guaranteed Win Spin. It’s was released in a game called Pimped. The other game is the Royal Masquerade.

Screenshot of Guarentee Wins in Play'n Go

Let’s go Superduper Mega Volatile

So, these games come with 10 paylines, but they are not fixed, which means you can change them and play with as many payline as you like. They also come with a unique feature Guaranteed win spins.

The Guaranteed win spins in the bonus round hold true even when only playing with one line.

So what’s Guaranteed win spins? It’s the Free Spins round where you are guaranteed to win every spin. When triggered you are awarded 5 guaranteed win spins, but that’s not all during the spins if you land scatter symbols, you will get an additional 2 spins!

If you line up Snoop Dogg himself in a 5-symbol win and you will get a whopping 1000 times your stake. The average win you can expect from the bonus round is somewhere between 75-100 times your bet – extremely high.

The one line-strategy is all about the bonus round. The base game will, in lack of a better word, slaughter you most of the time. Thus I recommend you playing with very small bets, but as a reward, you may very well lay your hands on enormous wins!

Here is a video where the slot streamer SlotSpinner demonstrating the potential with the one-line strategy (this win is in the base game):

Disclaimer: I sent an email to Play’n Go if it was Snoop Dogg and if he receives any royalties. Well maybe no surprise, but they responded that it’s not Snoop Dogg. But they do agree that the character looks just like him.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

Familiar with the roulette strategy called Martingale? It’s very popular and was created with Roulette in mind and indeed may work in the short term. The reverse Martingale is. Yeah, you guessed it a reversed version of Martingale.

Let me explain. You start by placing small initial bets and bet the entire win in the next round until you won big enough and are happy to withdrawal.

So let’s say you bet 10, you lose 10 rounds in a row and finally, you win 150, that’s your bet for the next round. If you lose this round, you go back to your initial bet, but if you win again – this time 200 – this is what you bet next round. Repeat until you have won enough to make a withdrawal.

Play with Max Bet

One of the “problems” with this strategy is that you can quickly find yourself playing for the max bet of the slot machine since wins that are bigger than max bet often occur. Thus it’s good to start playing with a very small bet as they will quickly increase.

Double or Nothing StrategyScreenshot of Double or Nothing Strategy

The double or nothing Strategy, not my favourite as you won’t really play the slot machine – but yet it’s popular. It’s a simple strategy that will make sure you have instant action all of the time.

So let me break it down for you.

Start with low-value spins. When you hit a winning combination, use the double or nothing button. The idea is to keep doubling up until you lose, or you are happy enough with your win you can leave the game and withdrawal.

Since it’s called double or nothing – the odds of winning is 50%, you are playing with 50% RTP, so it’s risky, but you can quickly win big.

Pick a game with a double or nothing feature.

Summary of Slot Strategies Part 1

So I’ve gone through 3 of the most popular slot strategies you can try to get a bit more variations of your gameplay and if you are lucky win at the online casino.

All slots strategies can be played either for fun or with real money. I hope you learned something and perhaps excited enough to try one of the strategies? If so kindly send an email of your experience to me at [email protected]!

And as always, may the slot gods be with you!

Go to Part 2 and learn about bonus abusing.