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Learn how to play Video Poker in India

I know all these while, you must have heard growing up Teen patti, Jhandi Munda, and Andar Bahar. Ever since online casinos became popular, the transition was too quick and I like it because you get to enjoy games right at the convenience of your home and yet win some decent money.

Having said that, are you one of those ambitious, exciting, and self-made persons who want to make big money and earn a lot of fame for yourself, and yet enjoy responsibly what you are doing? If yes, then Video online Poker is the game for you! Video Poker is preponderantly a game of skill, much loved across the globe and the successful poker players are many a time treated like rockstars!

With practice, you can enhance your Poker skills like a Pro Player and then play video poker for real money on any of our trusted and recommended video poker websites. Build your disposable bankroll, practice a bit, and then let the fun begin!

Let me also tell you a fun fact. From poker, teen patti was originated. It’s more often known as the Indian version of poker or teen patti flash. And if you have played it, then I bet, you will love video poker too.

What is online Video Poker?

Video poker is a card-based online game usually played with one regular deck of 52 cards. In some variants like Joker Wild Video Poker, a Joker card is also added and is considered as a wild card which can take any card value to make a successful poker hand.

Since this is all online, you don’t need to worry about downloading a gambling app on your device and worry about memory issues.

The rules of the game are quite easy to understand. You simply got to make one of the paying poker hands with the five cards that are dealt to you, and the best part is you can use your skills and instinct to select which card to hold and which card to redraw.

Web-based video poker is even more engaging and lucrative as compared to playing video poker in a land-based casino. Some of the advantages of playing online are:

  • In one single stake, you can even play multiple hands at once. Some of our reviewed video poker sites allow playing up to 25 hands in a single draw.
  • You can even play for fun or practice play without staking any real money, something which a land-based casino doesn’t allow. And you also get the anonymity of playing alone.
  • The gameplay is a lot faster as the computer deals the cards and calculates winning hands much faster than a land-based casino croupier.
  • There’s no worry of the human dealer making a mistake in card dealing, as an automated, licensed and trusted computer program deals you the cards and calculates the winning poker hands. These websites are rigorously tested and only then approved by licensing authorities like Malta Gaming Authority and others.
  • And the best part is you don’t have to leave your home couch to visit any far-off casino to have all the fun. There are no time restrictions and its available 24×7.

Where can I play Video Poker for money?

The internet offers you a plethora of options for video poker sites for money, however not all the advertised websites are trustworthy.

The good news is that I and my team at G2G have already done all the hard work and made a detailed review of over 200 different Indian casinos for interested players like you.

These sites are well attuned to all sorts of bandwidth and hardware devices. So that means you don’t have to rush for a 4G connection if your area falls under a 3G or for that matter even a 2G spectrum. Our recommended online casinos for Video poker run smoothly everywhere.

We have put together below a list of trusted Indian Video Poker sites to make it easier for you to choose from any one of them. These recommended sites follow strict rules and regulations of the licensing authority and have put together very stringent measures to protects your personal information. All your personal and financial information communicated to our recommended sites is secure and encrypted.

You can also play using your mobile phone, be it Android, iPhone or a Windows phone. All our recommended sites allow for an easy process to sign up, do the KYC and offer multiple options to make a deposit and start playing. The withdrawal of your winnings is also fast and secure. You further get a huge choice of games, and since all the games providers are certified and licensed by regulators, thus you can relax that the game play will be fair and of international standards.

Best Video Poker casinos in India


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The basics of Video Poker

Video poker as I already mentioned is one of the most popular card games which instantly started becoming a hit since the advent of television display and EGMs (electronic gaming machines).

They were first introduced by the now well-known gaming company IGT in the 1970’s and over time evolved to become immensely popular. With the invention of the internet, faster computers, mobile phones, and improved bandwidth, the game kept on improving its gameplay and popularity.

You can even visit land-based casinos in Goa to play video poker but is it possible to travel whenever you wish? And what about the travel cost, casino entry fees and accommodation? Well, you don’t have to worry about it as you can easily play the same video poker game and even multiple variants of it online, right from the comfort of your home!

To play video poker, you simply have to make a winning poker hand based on the five cards dealt to you. The detailed rules are explained and readily available in the section on video poker game rules.

Just like you, even me and my team at G2G have pondered over this question and then we did our research.

In many of the judgements throughout the world and in India also, Poker is considered preponderantly a game of skill. Even if there’s a small chance element like the cards you are dealt with are randomly determined by the computer, but with your skill and practice, you can greatly enhance your winning potential and player return by determining judiciously which cards to hold and which cards to redraw.

Thus, for all practical purpose, poker is a game of skill. And no one in India has been into any legal trouble or has been prosecuted for playing video poker with rupees online. Many of our recommended video poker casinos are also allowed to advertise the game in print, television, FM radio, as well as social media.

The law commission of India also in its report in July 2018, gave references for poker to be a game of skill. Thus, you can safely play poker online!


The rules of playing internet video poker are quite simple and are readily listed on the game panels of most of the video poker sites. But you don’t have to take the trouble of visiting the various websites just to learn about the game because here at G2G, we have you covered.

You can access our resources on poker strategies and rules on our website to get the best of all in one place under one roof.

You simply have to make a winning poker hand out of the five cards dealt to you, can use your skill to choose to hold or redraw and then get rewarded according to the pay table of the particular video poker variants.

An example of poker hands and its payout in the video poker variant “Jacks or Better” is:

A winning poker hand is considered as following in the order increasing payouts –

  • Jacks or better pays x1
  • Two pairs pay x2
  • Three of a kind pays x3
  • Straight pays x5
  • Flush pays x6
  • Full House pays x9
  • Four of a kind pays x20
  • Straight Flush pays x40
  • Royal Flush pays x250

Note that the payouts for each of the poker hands can be tweaked based on the volatility of the particular poker variant and game rules. Some of our recommended sites also allow you the feature of gamble, i.e. double up or none for your winnings.

The payout to the player is very good comparatively in online video poker and can even go upwards of 99.5% RTP (Return To Player). But more on this later.

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With some skill and optimal playing strategies, you can further enhance your winning potential.

As an example, in the video poker variant Jacks or better, you can look at the paytable to determine all reasonable ways of playing your hand and select the play that is highest paying on the list. If a hand play is not on the paytable, then it should never be played.

Suppose your dealt cards can make a potential flush or two pairs, then should you sacrifice the possible flush and keep the low pair or vice versa. The optimal strategy suggests keeping the potential flush cards and discard the low pair as the payout for flush is higher than the payout for two pairs. You can similarly determine the strategies for other winning hands in the context of your dealt cards and the game payout rules.

To learn and practice the various smart choices you can make, visit the specific articles on G2G.

Winning potential

Video Poker has one of the best winning potentials among many other slots machines, card or dice games. The house edge is low and thus it’s more rewarding for you.

And at times return to players can even go beyond 100% if you factor in casino bonuses and incentives, such as deposit bonus, cash back options, free plays, and other casino complementary offers.

Are you playing just for fun and entertainment, then perhaps you can choose to play a low volatile variant of video poker. Otherwise, if you have patience and would like to make it big then you should choose the high volatile variants where you may not win often but when you win, you really win big! The choice is yours.

For the different variants of video poker games, you can simply compare the payout of the highest win possible. If the win multiplier is higher, then it’s a high volatile game and if the highest win multiplier is low comparatively then it’s a low volatile game.

The winning potential also varies based on the cumulative payouts of all the win combinations listed on the pay table. For example –

  • Jack or Better video poker generally offers a win potential of 98.4% to  99.6%
  • Deuce Wild video poker offers a payout between 96.7% to 98%
  • Joker Wild video poker offers a win potential of 97% to 98%.

Variations of the game

Video Poker continues to grow in popularity among the online player community and over time many variants have evolved globally. The good news is that some of the most entertaining versions are now available to Indian players at internet casinos with video poker.

  • In Jacks or Better variant, the payout starts when you get a pair of Jacks, followed by other poker hands in ascending order of payout.
  • In Deuces Wild variant, the lowest card i.e. the deuces are considered wild and can take up any card value to make a winning combination.
  • In Joker Wild variant, one or more jokers are also added further to the standard deck of 52 cards.
  • In the variant White Hot Aces, you get an additional large payout for making a hand of 4 aces.
  • Pai Gow video poker also known as Double Hand Poker is especially popular among the Asian players has few unique features like you are dealt 7 cards and you use your skills to make a five-card “high” hand and a two-card “low” hand.

And there are many other variants of video poker. Explore all these exciting choices on recommended Indian casinos, where you can play for free to practice and then use your skills acquired to play and win with real money.

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Virtual Video Poker or Live

Whether you chose to play video poker virtually against a computerized 2D/3D dealer or play it at a live casino site, you are guaranteed to get great fun.

In the virtual video poker, the gameplay is faster as a computer deals you the cards based on random numbers and you then use your skills preponderantly to hold or redraw the cards. You can also play multiple hands, simultaneously for the same bet amount.

In live streaming video poker, you get to play against a nice-looking croupier. You can even chat, talk and interact with the croupier. One of our recommended video poker casinos has even a Bollywood diva invited to deal you the cards! Look out for the offers and bonuses. With the advent of 4G and better technology, the streaming quality of the videos are almost always in HD and you get minimal latency.

At G2G, we have a complete section for online as well as live streaming casinos, do visit us if you want to learn more.

Poker vs. Baccarat: Which is Better?

Okay, so if you have been playing baccarat for a while now, then you might want to know which game is better – is it poker or baccarat? Well, this comes down to personal choices or preferences. If you’re brilliant or have a  keen willingness to learn and improve while playing, then poker is a great option.

But this doesn’t mean, I’m degrading baccarat. If you feel that poker isn’t your cup of tea, then you can try your hand at live bacarrat . Mathematically, the odds of winning at baccarat is about 45% whereas in poker, considering that you aren’t that good, the chances are little less than 45%. But, if you’re keen in mastering it, then this number can go up to 80% or even higher eventually. And if you mastered it, try playing a game of speed baccarat live.

Play for real money vs. free

Are you one of those born ambitious young person who always admires the professional players and appreciates how they have risen to the pinnacle of their career? No wonder they have practised a lot before entering a live tournament or trying out video poker for real money.

Does it cost to practice? Thankfully at G2G, the answer is NO!

Here at Guide2Gambling, you can play it for free in ‘practice mode’ or ‘fun mode’ or ‘demo mode’.

When you are comfortable with the game rules and understand some of the winning strategies, then you can easily use these acquired skills in making the optimal choices of holding or redrawing your cards.

All our recommended online casinos are licensed and follow strict compliance standards. You can be rest assured that the game rules and payouts in practice mode are exactly the same as with playing for real Rupees. They further have many responsible gaming and player protection features to safeguard your interests.

Once ready with your disposable bankroll, you are all set to try your skills in making it big in the poker community. Just sign up and start playing at one of the best video poker casinos with Rupees! And if you are looking for something new, try your hand at european roulette or live online roulette, or perhaps, online blackjack.