Baccarat Squeeze

Baccarat Squeeze is one of the most played baccarat variations available.

In this guide, you can learn how to play Baccarat Squeeze online from India. You can also find a list of the top Baccarat Squeeze casino sites.

Rules and Strategies of Baccarat Squeeze

Those who enjoy trying different variants of baccarat might want to try their hands at Baccarat Squeeze. This is a particular variant that helps add more tension to the game with certain rituals that are incorporated in it; some would even call it as superstitions.

You will find the Squeeze version at many live casino tables, as well as in the usual online video table game sections in an online casino.

Its popularity started in Macau but has been widespread all over the world based on the rituals that players have incorporated in it. For instance, many would blow on their cards after they are dealt their hands, believing that they can blow away the bad numbers and be able to see the favourable numbers instead.

The gameplay is similar to other versions of Baccarat such as Punto Banco.

Is this something you believe in? Read my guide to Baccarat Squeeze to find out more. At the bottom of this article, you will also find some of my favourite internet casinos where you can play Baccarat Squeeze live or online for real money.

What is the squeeze function all about?

Close up of baccarat squeeze cards

When you sit down to play Baccarat Squeeze the following steps are taken:

  • The dealer will hand out the cards in a face-down manner;
  • Squeezing cards means bending them so that a part of the cards become visible;
  • You can lift them from the bottom edge or rotate them, turn up the long side and so forth;
  • The squeeze is to cover the number of the card with the thumbs so that nothing is given away much;

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When you turn the bottom edge of the cards you are dealt you can tell what is in your hand. There are certain terms you can use to refer to what you see so that others can interpret them accordingly.

Terms What They Signify in Baccarat Squeeze?
Squeezing Paint This denotes the beginning of a picture and so it would be a face card; since in baccarat the face cards, Jack, King or Queen are all 0 that is something to induce from the term
Squeeze an Ace This means you see a blank when you squeeze your card. That is because ace cards have printed only on top
Squeeze a point This means you have either 2 or 3; to figure out more you need to bend the card further; there would be a symbol in the center which means it is 3; if the symbol is not there then it is 2
Squeezing legs This is a term to use when you have numbers anywhere after 3 and up to 10. To deduce the same you need to rotate the card and bend the edges.
Squeezing legs Rotate the card and if you see two signs then it means 4 or 5 in the hand. Rotate the card back to an upright position and continue to squeeze the edges which will help to reveal whether the number is a 4 or 5.
Squeezing legs If there is no central symbol seen then it is a 4, if a symbol shows then it is a 5; if three signs are seen on the card’s side then it is either 6, 7 or 8; rotate card upright and squeeze to know the number; a central pip indicates that it can be a 7 or 8; if there is no pip seen then it would be 6 or 7.
Squeezing legs Four symbols seen on a card’s side means that one has 9 or 10. Rotate the card back, hold it upright and squeeze to see central pipe; if it is placed below a group of four then it is a 9 or within 4 other pips will indicate a 10

Standard Rules Apply

G2G's guide to playing Baccarat squeeze.

The other rules remain the same; you do not get to choose moves as the action is decided as per the hand you are dealt:

  • If you or any of the players receive a hand that totals 8 or 9 then this is announced and that player is the winner;
  • If you as a player have received cards that total between 0 and 5 you get to take on the third card;
  • If your player’s hand totals a value of 6 or 7 you do not receive another card;
  • When you as a player do not receive a third card then banker plays by the same rule as what applies to the players;
  • When you draw a third card as a player, the banker’s action will be decided according to the third card;


You need not get confused with the rules of Baccarat Squeeze. The rules of the game remain the same as per the hand values, drawing a third card and who wins each hand. However, the squeeze terms are added here and are fun to know.

If you sit down for such a game session, you will find easy and handy instructions to help you out as well at any casino site. Many live casino sites powered by Evolution Gaming offer this game in live version.


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