An Overview of Baccarat attack strategy

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Last updated on 5th October 2021

Published: 09/04/2020

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G2G’s Guide to Solid Wins in Baccarat

When it comes to playing online casino games, baccarat is one of the most interesting. And naturally, a lot of strategies have been created over the years. In a forum for baccarat players, after a heated brainstorming session among players, the baccarat attack strategy was born.

This attack is a variant of Martingale and it requires expanding the wager under specific conditions.

But, instead of expanding the wager continuously, you should wait for “opportunities” that Fletcher calls “winning streaks”.

However, if you start losing, you go back to the safe zone by reducing the wager.

Even if it seems simple this might actually be among one of the most advanced baccarat betting strategies there is. There are specific betting rules and four betting types.

It is more complex than any other negative progression system. This article does not cover the beginner basics of how to play baccarat, but I have only analyzed the strategies.

The Four Betting Types In Baccarat Attack Strategy

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The attack strategy has four types of bets that you can place, they are as follows:

  • Starter Bet: This is the wager amount that you place for the game to begin. It is usually pre-defined.
  • Trigger Bet: This bet is placed just after the Starter and it will be two times the amount of Starter Bet.
  • Attack Betting: You switch to this after you win the Trigger Bet. This involves increasing and lowering wager amounts in a specific order. You begin with only half the Trigger Bet and slowly increase the wager amount, as you continue to win.
  • Retrenchment Betting: If Attack Betting results in a loss or you lose the Trigger Bet, you enter this mode. This is where you increase the wager steadily. Add the Starter Bet amount to all your wagers.

Please Note: You must switch between bets according to your progress in the game. You start by placing the betting on the banker and in the next round you switch to the player. You continue doing this, at each round you bet on a different side.

Baccarat Attack Strategy Variations

I love the attack strategy. Let me tell you why.

In fact, baccarat attack strategy itself is a variant of betting systems, as a result of which it cannot have a variant.

The attack strategy courses you find on forums and over the internet proposes altering the way of how to wager amount expands work, but do not alter the main principles of the strategy.

Simply put, there are no known variants for the attack strategy of baccarat. It is worth mentioning that a similar system is used in playing roulette or even blackjack.

Who Can Use Baccarat Attack Strategy?

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Baccarat attack strategy is free and can be used by anybody and everybody who can cope with the complexity of the strategy. Needless to say, it is not as simple as other tactics and you should mandatorily know how the game of baccarat works.

If you happen to be a beginner at baccarat, you are certain to face some difficulties with respect to using this system successfully. Maybe you can consider playing baccarat for a while on online casinos, up until you master the rules of baccarat thoroughly.

Only after that, you can attempt to use the attack strategy. This strategy is very hard to implement mentally without sufficient practice. Online casinos offer a lot of welcome offers and promotions that you can use to brush up your skills.

Advantages Of Implementing Greg Fletcher’s Baccarat Attack Strategy

Mr. Fletcher’s attack strategy may seem quite complex but its foundations are pretty simple. Like I already mentioned, you must switch your betting sides at every round, something that hasn’t been seen in many other baccarat strategies.

Biggest advantage of using the baccarat attack strategy is that it lets you win in the end. It is important to also note that you must possess enough funds especially in case you are feeling particularly unlucky that day.

At Least so much as to cover your losing streaks, you are bound to make money as a part of the winning streaks. The system cannot provide you with an assurance for when and how these streaks are about to happen. In fact, no system does, but it assures you that you will be able to cover for your losses after you win.

Furthermore, switching the sides you place the bet on at every round gives you an edge statistically in the long run. Martingale strategy is not interested in which side you choose to place a bet, it is only interested in expanding the wager amount.

So try these strategies at some of the new online casinos that are here to stay. And if you enjoyed this, you may also enjoy our how to play blackjack article.

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