A G2G Player Rakes in 7 Lakhs Playing Live Roulette at Royal Panda

Royal Panda indian winner

If you know your game well and have the touch of lady luck’s favour, you can win big in the highly-lucrative industry of the Indian online casino. But it’s all gambling at the end of the day. While some may win big, others may not even make the cut.

Games like roulette, blackjack, and others offer the opportunity to either win thousands of rupees or end up losing the same amount. The trick lies in playing smart and understanding your limits.

However, every once in a while you hear stories of luck and sheer serendipity when someone ends up winning big and goes home with a pile of cash. This is what happened to one of our G2G players who managed to rake in 7 Lakhs by signing up on Royal Panda and trying his hand at Evolution Gaming’s Live Roulette VIP.

The Winning Bet: 36 Red in Live Roulette

Fortune sure has an interesting way of moving around and I’m sure that this particular Indian player didn’t seem to realise that he was at the epicentre of the luck world that day. He signed up at the Royal Panda and eventually made his way into the live roulette section.

The man simply placed his bets of Rs.20,000 on a single number, 36 red, and to everyone’s surprise out there, he won! The chance of landing this is 35:1, meaning our man took home a whopping 7 Lakh Rupees!

This incident took place on 26th October 2019 exactly at 7:52 PM. For sure, it was the night of money angels blessing this guy! Even the dealer was surprised at this lucky call out and the win that followed.

How I wish I could have seen him win this big moment! The envy of the situation is one thing, but can you imagine how surreal it must have been too? In fact, the marketing manager at Royal Panda, India, was kind enough to inform us of the whole situation!

He said:

“So this player entered our Live VIP Roulette table placed his bet on that single 36 number and BOOOM. This is a roulette version of making a five-run in cricket. My god, every Roulette player’s dream!”

The manager was also kind enough to share with us a few screenshots of the winning bet, which I’ve put together in a single image:

live roulette winners from India


Lady luck was not only smiling but downright grinning at our guy as he was rolling in the moolah. He certainly made a responsible gambling decision by not investing more than Rs. 20,000 or throwing in any more money to raise the stakes.

I really do hope that many more of our readers get a chance to change their lives. If you’re intrigued about what goes on in the online casino world, especially roulette (in this case), have a look at the live roulette guides and reviews to sharpen your skills at winning.

If you’re looking to increase your chances of winning and yet have great fun, then, undeniably, Royal Panda is the live casino platform for you.

With a lucrative welcome bonus and a huge diversity of games, you will never fall short of reasons to play here. In case you are stuck, the customer support team will always be there to help you out, and you can have a chance of walking away with a really really fat wallet.

Sign up for Royal Panda now and be the next, happy player to win a load of cash. I might even feature your story here!

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