Black Magic on Royal Panda? Don’t Fall for Hoaxes!

G2G busting the Royal Panda bonus loophole

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Last updated on 5th October 2021

Published: 15/07/2019

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Update 28-07-19: There is another article about a pizza baker called “Sharad Deshmukh” from Bangalore. During a 15 minutes break won ₹15,62,872 at Royal Panda Casino, playing live blackjack. This is just as fake as the article below. WATCH OUT!

G2G Exposes the Truth behind Godman Helping People Win in Royal Panda

I have absolutely no idea what is going on with people trying to belittle LeoVegas and Royal Panda but of late, a lot of fake news and scammy articles are popping up related to them.

Just a few weeks back, my team exposed the truth behind the LeoVegas CEO news and now, we have this. It is quite infuriating and sad to see these scamsters trying to lure people in with false hopes of winning big money.

The news article basically speaks about how a self-proclaimed guru named Charan Ram Singh (I did a Google search – nothing substantial came up) is giving away free money.

The secret: he performed black magic on Royal Panda so that anyone playing from India will always win.

The article gets better when you see that people are apparently playing with free money at Royal Panda after claiming their first deposit bonus of Rs.1,450.

Oh, and here is the kicker: the more you deposit, the more you will always win, thanks to the guru’s black magic. And to counter these losses and impact, Royal Panda is seemingly trying to take Charan Ram Singh to court. What a load of bollocks!

This is not true.

Please, don’t fall for such scams and hoaxes and lose your money.

Royal Panda fake loophole busted by G2G
I screenshotted the proclaimed “loophole” from the article…

I will be absolutely transparent with you and believe me when I tell you that there is no way you can rig online casinos, hack or exploit bonuses to make crores of money in five minutes.

I have been an online casino enthusiast for quite some time now and been working with some of the most popular international casinos and knows how deposits & bonuses work. So, please allow me to tell you the truth behind this “loophole”!

Understanding Royal Panda Bonuses

First things first.

We need to understand how welcome bonuses work because what the article says is absolutely false. Different online casinos offer different types of bonuses. Some offer a 100% match bonus while others offer free spins, no deposit bonus or a fixed amount.

Royal Panda, however, do offer a 100% match bonus with the cap at Rs.10,000. So, if you make a deposit of Rs.3,000, it will be matched by a Rs.3,000 bonus. For both the casinos, the minimum deposit is set at Rs.1,000.

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Online Casinos Wagering Requirements

While it is fair to assume that these deposit bonuses are essentially free money, you have to meet certain conditions to get access to it.

These are collectively known as wagering requirements – conditions to be fulfilled in withdraw and play with your deposit bonus. In other words, the bonus is unlocked only after you wager a particular amount. You cannot sign up, make a deposit, and immediately access your bonus funds.

Wagering requirements are found in the bonus terms and conditions of the online casinos. In LeoVegas, players are required to bet x35 their original deposit to unlock their deposit bonus. Similarly, for Royal Panda, you need to bet x35 your initial deposit to play with your bonus money. It is not a bad deal to be honest, since if you get lucky, you may very well win some money on your way to unlock the bonus.

Rigging the Casino Games?

The last thing that I would like to address here is the claim that the guru performed black magic on the casino that enabled people to win. As I have said earlier, it is impossible for this to happen and I will happily prove it to you.

The outcome of online casino games is determined by a complex sequence of mathematical formulas & algorithms, and of course, luck. I won’t get into the details of it but if you are interested, you can check out our comprehensive guide on how online slots work. Without revealing much here, I can tell you that all wins in casino games are purely random. Factors like volatility, RTP, payout lines, et cetera are at play here, which together form the algorithm!

Don’t Lose Your Money to Lies

Guys, we are living in the 21st century. Never believe anyone who tells you that you can win a lot of money on online casinos in five minutes. Hell, even Maggi needs more than five minutes to cook. No baba or guru can possibly do magic on these games to make you win.

It takes time to win big in online casinos and it requires expertise, betting strategies, and most importantly, luck.

At G2G, we are committed to bring you the best online gambling experience and to help you get started. The first step to leverage your play is to always accept the welcome promotion and play it by the rules. So, sign up today and get on your way to enjoy the thrill of gambling – safely and responsibly!

Royal Panda

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  • Lightning fast mobile app
  • Royal welcome offer of ₹10,000