GameVy Casinos in India

GameVy is known for its intricate casino games and extreme excitement.

Learn all about it in this Gamevy India guide.

GameVy India Guide

The fast-paced evolving gambling industry has a lot to offer to Indian casino players, and diversity is something players need. I should know, as I am on a continuous search for more engaging casino games than the ones I’ve previously played.

In that particular search, I’ve bumped across an experienced game studio that develops slots suited to my taste: games that are really something.

The game developer I’m talking about is Gamevy, founded in 2015, but still going strong in the industry.

The main reason why you’ll find games by Gamevy in most prestigious online casinos is that the slots developer is focused on providing you with higher engagement and longer gambling times.

Gamevy is not your regular game provider of 3D slots, video slot machines and classic slots. No, when you load a slot game by Gamevy you enter a whole different world, a world where you’re the competitor for a life-changing reward.

Intrigued yet?

Well, you better be, because this developer will provide you with something different, something you rarely see in today’s online casino games.

Gamevy casinos

As an online casino software provider who develops high-quality real-money games, Gamevy is an award-winning player in the industry.

Its main goal is providing players with games that combine life-changing jackpots, chance and skill, something less frequently included in the games you usually play.

Instead of just relying on chance, as in most slot machines and casino games, by joining casinos with Gamevy games you’ll need a little bit of knowledge to get to the next level of the gameplay.

Explore the following online casinos that accept Indian players. Find one you like and shortly, you’ll get the idea of why Gamevy’s games are so unique.

Background to Gamevy

A team of marketers, designers and developers who love building and playing games, with duly experience in the online gambling industry, gathered to found a start-up company we now know as Gamevy, in 2015.

With the common motivation and aim to create unique, interactive and innovative content, this team decided to go with the creation of games that are as entertaining as gameshows on the TV, with huge prizes on offer.

Just like Indian food is infused with numerous spices to eventually result in mouth-watering dishes, the game whizzes with different gambling-related backgrounds make a heck of a team that delivers first-class games.

The team has made sure to make these games available to people from all around the world, by acquiring a remote gambling license by the UK Gambling Commission.

Considering the company is headquartered in London, the UK, it focuses mainly on the UK market, however, its games are accessible to Indian players, as well.

Go through the list of the best casino sites on Guide2Gambling, and you will see plenty of Gamevy online casinos that will accept you as an Indian player.


Bonuses at Gamevy casinos

One thing you need to know about Gamevy is that it does not belong in the category of giant software developers like Microgaming, Yggdrasil or NetEnt.

And even though it does not create tournaments or other achievement-style bonuses and promotions, you can still use Free Spins Gamevy Bonus offers at any Indian online casino that offers its casino games.

For instance, if you get to LeoVegas Casino, an online casino that offers Gamevy games and is listed on Guide2Gambling, you will find different types of promotions you can use to play these games.

There is a Welcome Bonus Match that gives you extra funds on your first deposit which you can use to play any game you want, including Gamevy games.

But there are plenty of other options for you to explore, such as Gamevy Free Bonus offers. I’ll list two types of bonuses you would usually find to make your gambling even more fun with Gamevy games.

Free Spins

Usually, Gamevy casinos would offer a number of Free Spins which will be available for certain games. However, some Free Spins are available for any game you want to play.

These offers are great for those of you who are unsure whether you prefer one game over another. You get, let’s say, 25 Free Spins to play through, so you can use them on more than one game and find the one that suits you.

Bonus Matches

Another great bonus you could take advantage of to try out the incredible games by Gamevy is the bonus match. Usually, you only get a bonus match for your first deposit, but not necessarily.

Bonus matches may come in a form of a Welcome Package, so instead of claiming only one on your first deposit, you could claim up to four or five, on your first four or five deposits.

Three slots from Gamevy which stand out

You must have noticed that I refer to Gamevy’s games as ‘games’ – not ‘slots’ or ‘casino games’. That’s because these games are not typically slots nor casino games, per se.

The thing is, as I mentioned previously, these games require skill opposite to slots, and still depend on chance opposite of some skill-based casino games.

There are three types of games offered by Gamevy: gameshows, scratch cards and lotteries. And those referred to as slots in online casinos in India with Gamevy slots are not exactly typical slots.

To make it clearer, these are slots but you won’t get paylines, rows and reels to spin. You will, instead, get a gameshow-style and gamified slot where you will need to click on positions on the screen to discover whether you’ve won a prize.

The Heist

The Heist is the developer’s trademark game. It is a game based on a gameshow as you regularly see on the TV. You make a wager, but you need to use your general knowledge and skills to get a prize.

It is so uniquely conceived, interactive and fun type of game that allows you to test your true knowledge of pop culture stuff, as you will be the contestant for some incredible prizes.

Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal is, on the hand, an entirely luck-based game, where you need to pick positions on the screen to try and find the diamonds. For every wrong pick, you lose a life.

But, for every diamond you find, the prizes you will receive will be significant, and all your lives will be restored.

Crazy Chicken

Crazy Chicken is one of the most recent games by Gamevy, and a very interesting one, I must add. You buy ammo for a certain stake, and you use it to shoot chickens that appear on the screen.

As you can see, the game does not depend entirely on luck, but also on your shooting skills. The minute you get out of ammo, you can buy some more for the same or different stake.

Not all chickens you successfully shoot award a prize. However, some chickens can actually deliver impressive rewards.

Gamevy – Gambling on Another Level

Gamevy was founded with one goal in mind: to offer online casino players gambling on another level. That’s why none of its games is the conventional slot machine or table game you’re used to seeing in online casinos.

In fact, Gamevy was the developer who created the first online gameshows. Other major developers like Evolution Gaming followed.

In the core of the games Gamevy creates is the combination of chance and skill. And while it is seemingly an atypical developer, Gamevy actually fits today’s modern e-gambling scene.

When it first appeared on the market, it seemed a little bit unconventional, but the current trends brought it back on the spotlight.

There are plenty of new Gamevy casinos that appear left and right. This is due to the quality of the immersive, interactive and highly engaging games the developer has to offer.

Mixing the slot machine concept with the gameshow-based theme is the real deal in today’s online gambling market.

Gamevy Jackpots

Compared to NetEnt, for instance, and its global progressive jackpot network, Gamevy does not offer such an option. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a jackpot prize.

Since its games are based on gameshows and skills, there is still a jackpot prize to hit during the gameplay.

If, for instance, you try out Epic Games, you will see that the more right picks you have, the closer you get to receive a jackpot prize.

The gameplay in this particular game requires you to find the rewarding gems. There are 40 gems who either reveal a prize or a mine. Should you manage to collect 36 gems successfully, you get to the jackpot prize.

Of course, there is a catch. To hit the jackpot prize, you must collect the 36 gems without picking a mine. There are 4 of them. So, pick 36 award-giving gems without landing on a mine and the jackpot prize is yours.

You will find these jackpot-consisting games in our list of casinos with jackpots from Gamevy. You’ll just need to pick wisely and the jackpot prizes could be yours.

How to verify if a casino with Gamevy is safe?

Gamevy guarantees that its games are completely fair, at all times. This is because all of its games use an audited and certified Random Number Generator.

This device is used to determine the results around ball/symbol selection and shuffles. This means that you can rest assured that you’ll be getting completely random outcomes on these games.

But to be completely positive that you’re playing at completely safe Gamevy casinos, you can always check the casino for licenses and third-party auditors that monitor the fairness of the games and the legitimacy of the casino.

Since Gamevy itself is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, you can rest assured that its games are fair. But check your online casino for its licenses just in case, too.

To find out whether mobile casinos with Gamevy software are safe, you should also check their security measures. Online casinos like 10CRIC and Royal Panda implement the industry-used SSL encryptions.

Online casinos like these two never offer games by a provider that isn’t serious about the safety, fairness and randomness measures, so you won’t make a mistake joining them.

List of the latest Gamevy casino games

Throughout the review, I tried to present to you Gamevy’s strongest suits, which are creativity, uniqueness, and the interactive nature of its games.

If you’re as an engaging games freak as I am, you can test Gamevy’s games for free in any of the following online casinos that offer its games.

You can try out the latest games by this unconventional developer, and see whether you’re as impressed as I am by their unique gameplay before you decide to play at a real money casino site.