Pile Your Points High at ComeOn Casino

Latest promotions at Comeon Casino for Feb 2020

Points are just another way to win your games and up your ante in online casinos. And no, unlike the popular notion, knowing your way around in an online casino, does not point opposite to responsible gambling but is rather one of the many strategies that help you to ace your game.

So, allow me to make your life simpler and list out ways that can help you pile up those points via deposit bonus, free spins, free bets or any other idea that sparks the bulb.

Collect Points at ComeOn Casino and Use them in their Shop

Get your hands on the big prize by following these small but point earning steps:

  • Logging in? Great! You have now won 25 points! However, it is just one viable point earning login allowed in a day.
  • Are you a new user? Perfect! Bank on your beginner’s luck and sign in for the first time at ComeOn Casino with a valid email address and immediately get 100 points in your kitty upon verification.
  • Punch in those digits and take home 500 points! You simply register your unique mobile number and get these guaranteed  points. However, like email id, this too shall be registered only once and viable for these points only once.
  • Now, you’re finally making your first withdrawal from your account eh? Nice! Here’s 1000 points for you!
  • Tell ComeOn casino that you are a legitimate person playing at this legal online casino and are simply here to have fun and swoosh! Get 1000 points immediately. Just send over a photocopy of your identity proof and you are good to go.
  • Get points by making some decent deposits. Make a €10 deposit, and every chance you get, and earn 50 points with each deposit.
  • Interested in betting on sports? Or casino more your thing? Doesn’t matter as with every €1 stake, some of the ComeOn casino games will award you 8 points (games like Blackjack, Table Games, Video Poker and Roulette will score 2.4 points for every  €1 bet) while on the other hand, by betting on sports, you receive 10 points for each line, going up to a maximum of 100.

If you’re the ones with new registrations and sign ups, you can even check out a detailed ComeOn casino review so that you know your way around.

The shop is open for business all through the day and night! Make the most of this chance and up your chances of winning by accumulating points smartly. Be smart, and sign up at ComeOn casino today!