Casinos That Accept PayPal

Guide to Betting Online with Paypal

On this page, I include online casinos that accept PayPal as a method of payment. It is one of the well established online payment services and you will find it to be a convenient, fast and reliable method.

If you are an Indian player you will want to make payments at PayPal online casinos with this method.

Best Indian Casinos & Sportbooks that Accept PayPal

Below is a list of established online casinos that accept PayPal as a method of payment. The following are casinos where Indian players can register for online accounts:

How do I Sign Up for PayPal?

Signing up for PayPal is an easy process. If you are trying to set up an account in India, it is possible to register for an account here for free. The steps to follow are:

  1. Go to the official website of PayPal India;
  2. Click on the link for signing up for a new account; since you would be opening an individual account opt for the same among the options given
  3. The account opening form needs you to fill out basic personal information that is subject to verification, details required to be filled in are first and last name, a valid email address, your street address, and a legitimate phone number;
  4. You would be sent an email link to your email address to click upon for verifying the same; in case of phone number validation you will receive a verification code that you need to key in
  5. In order to ensure secure access to your account, you need to provide answers to two security questions; these are saved for verification purposes or for account recovery;
  6. You can then proceed to view the different functions available to you as well as proceed to fill in the bank and other financial details in order to pay and receive funds through PayPal;
  7. In order to receive funds, you can simply forward the registered email address which acts as the PayPal ID; in case one wishes to withdraw funds they need to provide bank account details as well as debit or credit card details;
  8. Every information that is entered such as pertaining to a bank account or a credit card, these need to be validated; PayPal has its own bank account validation proceed which takes about a day to be completed;
  9. Besides bank details, PayPal also asks for PAN card details to be provided;

Once the above process is completed a user can log into online casinos that accept PayPal deposits and make transfers easily. The process of signing up is similar to other E-wallets, such as Skrill & Neteller.

Verifying Your PayPal Account

A user can send or receive money up to a certain limit in case of unverified accounts. If you plan to use a PayPal account for making transactions at another site, it usually requires you to have a verified account on PayPal.

In order to get a verified account on PayPal you need to do the following:

  •       Attach bank account details and fill in purpose code for opening the account; this is necessary for RBI to track the nature of transactions you have on the account;
  •       Incoming payments are allowed on the site only when a user has a verified account;
  •       Bank detail verification needs a day or two to be completed after which you can start using the account to deposit funds as well as get payments into their PayPal account;

Privacy & Confidentiality

There are several security measures taken by PayPal to ensure that player account information remains secure and so do their transactions:

  •       Besides the standard password protection, you have the option to activate two-factor authentication in your account. To do so you can visit the control panel section and activate the same. When I did that I was asked to key in an additional code that comes on as a text message in my phone besides entering the password.
  •       SSL encryption technology ensures that all transactions are encrypted as they pass into other domains and payment gateways;
  •       Personal details, as well as bank account, credit or debit card details, are kept secure on the site with the proper verification process;

Security at other sites is maintained for you who make financial transactions using your PayPal account. In that case, you simply need to provide PayPal ID and payments are processed securely.

Gamble Online with PayPal

Screenshot of PayPal Payment Method at Online Casinos

Many online casinos allow PayPal as a method for making deposits as well as withdrawing funds from their site for Indian players. The PayPal slot sites make it a convenient option. The players can register a verified account at PayPal and start using this account to gamble with PayPal in various Indian casino sites.

Consider When Depositing

When you choose to make a deposit in a website like Betway, you can do so with your PayPal account. Usually, when you choose to make a deposit with PayPal you can make withdrawals in the same account. When you create an account with an online casino site, you need to verify your account in order to play with real money:

  •       Most online casinos that use PayPal India as a mode of payment like Betway and Jackpot City allow deposits and payments to be made by the same method;
  •       There is no processing fee involved to make payment using PayPal;
  •       All users need to have a verified account before they proceed to use PayPal as a payment method;
  •       All casino websites need proof of address, date of birth of customers to verify their accounts; this usually needs a copy of driver’s license or passport, a utility bill of recent months or copy of a recent credit card statement to be uploaded;
  •       Deposits that are made with PayPal are processed instantly and players can then start to play with money;
  •       Most sites have a minimum deposit requirement; Jackpot City has a minimum deposit requirement of $10 while at Betway a player needs to deposit a minimum of 10 pounds;
  •       Most casinos that take PayPal have a withdrawal minimum and maximum limit; for instance, Jackpot City allows withdrawals of $50 minimum daily;
  •       Most sites have mobile-friendly websites or apps that allow customers to use the payment option securely on their smartphones or tablets;

Consider When Withdrawing

There are certain points to consider when you make withdrawals with PayPal:

  •       Ensure that the casino site allows PayPal as the method of withdrawal; casino sites like Betway or Jackpot City allow deposits as well as withdrawals to be made with PayPal;
  •       There are a minimum and maximum withdrawal limit that you need to follow when seeking withdrawals;
  •       Usually, one to two days is the processing timeframe for most casino sites that have PayPal as a withdrawal option;
  •       In some sites, there is a 72-hour timeline followed before withdrawal requests are processed;
  •       There might be withdrawal fees involved but PayPal casino sites like Jackpot City or Betway do not charge fees for withdrawals;

Company Information

Screenshot of PayPal Company Information

PayPal Holdings Inc is originally an American company that has a worldwide channel of payment systems to support money transfers online. The payment processor has become an accepted mode of payment for processing payment at several online vendors, commercial users, auction sites, casino sites. PayPal India is a legal arm of this company and helps Indian customers to form accounts here and accept or make payments to international vendors and services.

PayPal allows customers to make safe payments since they simply have to use their email ID as PayPal id to register for payments; they are securely redirected to the payment gateway site where they can log in to make payments; in case of currency conversions, the same is automatically accounted for when you are converting INR into pounds or dollars.

For such reasons, it has become a reliable service, one that was launched in 2017 for Indian customers. This being an American company into digital payments, today merchants, as well as individuals in India, can use this platform for making global payments. With a single integration, it is now possible for 200 million customers to use this platform.

It has been offering a solution for cross border payments in India and controls about a third of the B2C export payments in the country. The domestic operations now enable customers to transact for local payments as well. The only point to note is that it does not allow money to store in PayPal accounts as per RBI norms for which customers have to link their bank accounts and get money transferred to these accounts. PayPal accounts that are unverified usually have limitations for which it is best to sign up and get a verified account here.