LeoVegas Launches Intelligent Recommendation Engine on its Online Casino

LeoVegas Intelligent Recommendation Engine

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Last updated on 12th June 2021

Published: 12/12/2019

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It’s only been a few years for LeoVegas in the casino industry, but they have already made a big name very early. Their efforts can be clearly seen, and have even made them won 2 prestigious SBC awards held in London recently.

LeoVegas received the title of being the Best Casino Operator as well as the Best Innovator in the Casino Entertainment for 2019.

One of their primary focus is enhancing their casino games on mobile (after all, mobile is the future).

I’ve been a regular player of LeoVegas and even a huge fan of their gaming selections. Their games load perfectly on phones and tablets. And there’s no doubt about that.

In fact, the GIP (Gaming Intelligence Publication) stated that they are:

“Leading the way into the mobile future.”

But as the technology is becoming more advanced, the team at LeoVegas wanted to make sure that they also stay with the pace. Since Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is the talk to the tech town these days as well as in the boom, they couldn’t ignore this.

They have taken a huge step by implementing something known as the Recommendation Engine (which is AI-based). Surprisingly, they’re already using it in different areas of their website, even including Responsible Gambling and Marketing.

So, the whole idea of this feature was to bring “Machine Learning” at the forefront and to secure their place as the King of Casino. Well, fair enough!

Speaking of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Mattias Wedar, the CPTO (Chief Product & Technology Officer) at LeoVegas, said:

“We believe in a future where the gaming experience becomes more personal and that we will use an advanced technology and AI to create this. With our own developed technology, we are well positioned for success.”

How this AI Recommendation Engine can help you while Playing?

LeoVegas Launches Recommendation Engine

This AI-based recommendation engine will understand which games you’re more likely to enjoy playing. It learns your entire playing behaviour by recognizing as well as using patterns from the historical data.

  • So, based on this algorithm’s prediction, the new casino section will now feature 6 most relevant games.
  • This recommendation lobby will be updated every Friday with a personalised selection of casino games.

Apart from these, the algorithm has also learnt a few other things, which are pretty amusing.

Fun Facts that this AI-based Algorithm has found

According to this newly-developed algorithm:

  • Players between the age groups 36 and 50 are interested in games that have gold themes rather than the ones themed with watermelons.
  • Players between the age groups 51 and 75 as well as 18 and 25 are more interested in games that have a re-spin feature.
  • Players between the ages of 51 and 75 tend to play more adventure & fantasy games than the players in the age groups 26 and 50.

Sounds interesting. Don’t they?

But let me tell you that the launch of this feature from LeoVegas is just the beginning. Their team of highly skilled data scientists are constantly working on the “recommendation engine” to:

  • Enhance the way it analyses the playing patterns
  • Produce more diverse and relevant games
  • Make sure that the overall gaming experience is at its best

This feature is active for all LeoVegas players out there. However, if you haven’t registered yourself yet, and would love to see how it works, click the below button to enter into the new world of artificial intelligence.

So, are you ready for a more personalised experience?


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