Guide2Gambling: How it works

Here at Guide2Gambling we want to be completely transparent when it comes to our business model for one simple reason – trust.

Below you can see a step by step explanation of how our business model works:

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1. We provide gambling reviews, guides and tips for free.
You get access to all our gambling content that can help you find the best possible casino and deals for you.

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2. You decide to start playing.
With the help of the information on our site you decide that you are ready to play and click one of the links to a casino. You sign-up, make a deposit and start playing.

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3. We get paid by the casino.
Depending on how much like the casino and how much you play we get paid. If you don’t like it and don’t play, we won’t get paid.

So as you can see it’s quite simple. We will always look out for you because your best interest is ours as well!

That’s also why all the content on this site is for free!

Everyone Benefits

Online gambling is extremely exciting but it can also be confusing. There are so many options in games, casinos and bonuses.

This confusion or doubt is what we aim to remove.

By offering the latest news, the best game guides and unbiased in-depth casino reviews we help you decide where you want to play and what games that can be to your liking. We also help experienced players improve their game.

So you benefit by being able to take the best possible gambling decisions, the casinos benefit by getting more players and we benefit by getting paid for our dedicated work. Our business model works because everyone can benefit!

Now that you know how it works we hope you feel you can trust us. You can also check out our features in some of India’s premier news articles.

In the end, we only want the best for you since that is also the best for us!