Wildz Casino’s Payment is “MuchBetter” with its eWallet

Wildz casino adds MuchBetter payment method

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an eWallet service that understood the qualms of Online Casino players? Well, the answer to this is “MuchBetter” (pun intended) than the other hoi polloi eWallets in this space.

Rectifying the players’ plight to transact quickly and across the globe without stressing on the credibility or the delay in transactions, MuchBetter has already put its reputed stamp on Online Casino in India, and Wildz Casino has just announced its tie-up with MuchBetter.

The Wildz and MuchBetter Combination

Developed by smart individuals well-versed in finance and online gaming, the addition of MuchBetter eWallet to Wildz Casinos’ already exhaustive modes of transactions was a decision made with common sense. And the provision to send money quickly and also paying for goods & services at the same time is an added benefit.

Wildz casino has strived to be at the bleeding edge of innovation and technology with the addition of MuchBetter, along with its preexisting payment partner, Revolut, and you may read the rest of the interesting details about Wildz in my review here.

Payments Made Easy

Digital payments brought a much-needed revolution in the payments system in India, post demonetisation in the year 2016 but payments on online gambling sites were a whole different story until the intervention of eWallets and Cryptocurrencies.

Parenthetically, with MuchBetter, it is almost as quick & efficient as transacting crypto but there are nuances to this. To start transacting on MuchBetter, you need to download the MuchBetter app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, just like you would with Google Pay or Paytm.

You may do the same on the desktop browser but it would redirect you to the mobile app as it is easier to encrypt an app as opposed to a website which may be accessed on any browser or PC, without much protection.

Post-installation, signing-up is a breeze. Validate your phone number and order a free MuchBetter MasterCard by filling the rest of requested details which include your ID verification, and at the end, top-up the account with a minimum of €30 (₹2,350).

A MuchBetter card will be delivered to your doorstep and you’ll be able to start playing casino games at Wildz and also transact money with any vendor who accepts MasterCard, across the globe.

The Perfect Amalgam

The addition of MuchBetter to Wildz casino makes much more sense when you take a look at the benefits both the enterprises can offer clients together.

MuchBetter offers an easy-to-use wallet, real-time transactions, and rewards that can be deposited every time a minimum of €10 (₹800) the user receives reward points, and these points are entered into a weekly draw where the players can win €100 (₹8,000), each week.

Needless to say that the addition of MuchBetter to its ecosystem will catapult the tremendous wins at Wildz to a different level.

Head straight to Wildz Casino and experience swift payments with MuchBetter today. Hurry.. Sign up now!