Teen Patti Rules

Last updated on 11th September 2020

Published: 02/09/2020

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rules of 3 patti

The rules of Teen Patti are quite simple.

In this article I will give you a complete outline of how to play 3 patti so that you will always remember.

You play Teen Patti with international cards but devoid of Joker cards.

If you compare the rules of Teen Patti to its counterparts, it’s pretty much similar to “3-card Brag” and “3-card poker.”

If you have no experience at all with the game it might be a good idea to check out my Beginners Guide to 3 Patti first!

Basic Rules

First let’s start with basic Teen Patti rules.

  • When you play teen patti, know that every player will contribute towards the boot money and will get 3 cards face down.
  • The player next to the dealer (clockwise direction) will be the first player to start the game.
  • The player has an option to bet without seeing the cards (also called “blind”). But if the player sees his or her card, then, he or she can play “chaal (chance)” or might have other options based on how the game progresses.
  • A player placing a blind bet is called a blind player.
  • A player placing a bet after seeing his or her cards is called a seen player.
  • To pack is to fold and leave one round of the game.

Now, let’s go in-depth so you can learn just how to play teen patti.

Start the Game

Prior to starting this exciting casino game, the players have to agree on the value of the money at stake.

To help you understand the 3 patti rules easily, assume that the amount of money agreed at the first instance is 1 unit.

Every player will place a similar amount of money in the pot. The position is in the centre of the table and the winner can take the entire prize money.

Then the dealer hands out the cards, and then the betting starts.

So, who among the players has the best three cards?

Yes, the option is there for everyone to look at their three cards.

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blind eye

Rules for Blind Player

Blind play basically means that someone has not seen his or her cards and by relying on his gut feeling places a bet.

Upon the turn anyone can choose to view his/her cards and depending upon the strength place a bet, call for a raise or fold.

In order to become a blind player, you shouldn’t see your cards. And if available, you will also have options to play:

  • Blind
  • Pack
  • Show

How to Play 3 Patti Blind

In order to play Blind, you will have to place the bet amount in the pot. Note that the amount you bet for “Blind” will be equal to the present stake amount or two times the present stake amount.

In case of the initial player, the present stake amount, will be the boot amount. Therefore, if the first player turns out to be a blind player, he or she should place a bet amount that is equivalent to either the boot amount or two times the boot amount.

Ask for Show

A blind player has the option to ask for a Show but only when there’s 1 opponent in the game. This is more like blind show.

After asking for a show, the cards of both players are visible. The player with the highest ranking wins the pot.

The player who is requested for a side show is in his/her rights to refuse unless it’s the 3rd request made by the player asking for the sideshow.

The game would go on like this until there is one remaining player and others have packed.

Blind Player Requirements

  • If there are two remaining players and one player goes for a ‘show’ where the Seen player can ask the blind player for a show. This bet will be 4 times the current bet.
  • If Both are seen, then the request can be made for 2 times the current bet.
  • The blind player unfortunately can never ask for a show/sideshow.

Stake Amount: The amount betted by the blind player will become the stake amount for the next player whereas half of the bet amount placed by a seen player will become the stake amount for the next player.

For blind players who are next, the bet amount may be equivalent to the stake amount or two times the stake amount.

seeing eye

Rules for Seen Player

A seen player has the option to play Chaal, Show or Pack but can also plays Side Show which we cover further down.

After you see your cards and they are good, you should play chaal to be in the game.

How to Play Chaal

As the rules of Teen Patti dictate, to be in the game a seen player should play Side Show or Chaal if available.

To play chaal, you should place your bet in the pot. The bet amount for any seen player will be equal to two times or four times the present stake amount.

But if the previous player happens to be a blind player, then the stake amount for the next player will be the amount the player bets.

And if the previous player happens to be a seen player, then the stake amount for the next player will be half the amount of what the player bets.

How to Play Side Show

A seen player has the option to ask for a Side Show.

This game feature allows you to compare your cards with the ones of the previous player. But this can be only done if the previous player is a seen player and there are players playing the game still.

For Side Show, the bet amount will be equal to two times the present stake.

Side Show Requests

If you request for a Side Show, the previous player has the liberty to accept or reject it.

If the previous player accepts your Side Show request and if he/she has greater cards than you, then you should pack.

And if your cards are better than the previous player, then he/she should pack.

If the previous player denies your Side Show request, then, you don’t get to see each other’s cards.

So, both of you stay in the game, passing the turn to the next player.

What are the rules of “The Show” in teen patti?

teen patti show

Only 2 players have to remain in the game. The rest should have folded their cards.

  • A blind player has to pay the cost (current amount at stake) for a show. The other player can be either a blind or seen player. Only after the payment is made, the player can look at the cards.
  • A seen player never gets a chance to request a show if the other one is blind. The only chance is to continue the betting process or just fold down the cards.
  • If the last two players are seen players. In this situation, either of the two can take the option to put double the unit amount for a show.
  • During the show, when the cards are exposed for both the players, the lucky one will have higher ranking cards. In case, both the players have equal ranking cards, the non-paying player wins the jackpot.

What is a Compromise?

Let’s say that every person has become a seen player.

Then, one player can pay double the unit amount and ask for a compromise with the player who placed a bet just before.

It is up to the other player to either accept or decline the offer.

In the case of an acceptance in the offer, the two players are allowed to disclose their cards privately.

The person with the cards (low ranking) has to fold. If both the cards of the players are of equal rankings, the one who wanted a compromise must fold the cards.

In case of a refusal in the offer, the betting will continue as usual.

Practice How to Play Teen Patti

By now you are more than ready to start practicing on how to play 3 patti.

You know the rules of teen patti, the order in which to play and what to do in various scenarios.

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