How to Play Blackjack Pontoon

Last updated on 18th August 2020
Smiling live pontoon dealer.

Guide to playing Pontoon in India

Pontoon is regarded as a cousin of Blackjack and it is useful to know the rules for Pontoon. It is a variant that is popularly played in Australia and Britain. The two games have certain differences through which are being showcased here along with the essential rules and strategies followed in Pontoon.

There are certain rules that are different from the original Blackjack and it is similar to Spanish 21. The aim also remains the same here – to get a hand close to 21 without going off the game.

If you come across this version in a list of casino games make sure to try it out.

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The Basic Layout of a Pontoon Table

When you come across a game session of Pontoon it is typically played between five to eight people. In real casinos, players take their turn to assume the banker role. Banker is the position which has to give out cards to others who are part of the game session. As a player here you would be given two cards facing up.

Why Try Your Hand at Pontoon?

screenshot of blackjack Pontoon game

There are several reasons to try your hand at this variant of Blackjack:

  • Usually, online casinos offer bonuses for new signups that can help you wager good money on the tables;
  • The twist to the game of chance makes it exciting;
  • Pontoon involves the use of skill as well as a chance;
  • Strategy and rules of this Blackjack derivative are not difficult to learn;
  • Favorable odds exist for gamblers here and house edge remains around 0.38%;

Rules & Payouts for Pontoon

You will use eight decks here and there are several Blackjack rules to follow. As a player you would be played 2:1 for five card hands. The main points to note here are:

  • If you get five card hands that have totals below 21 you will be paid out at the ratio of 2:1;
  • Natural Blackjacks or Pontoons are paid out at the ratio of 2:1;
  • Other kinds of wins would payout even money at 1:1;
  • The dealer gets to win the ties which include five card hands and Pontoons;
  • Players can twist or hit after they double down;
  • If you split aces then you can double down or draw out more cards;

How to Play Pontoon at an Online Casino?

When you wish to try the game online you need to begin with placing your bet. Usually, the ante is in the range of 1 to 40 in accepted currencies. Once you decide on the ante bet you simply need to click the chip and press on deal option.

Once you press the deal button, the live casino dealer will give out cards. You can check the overall score after receiving the cards. If you get a Pontoon you win the round. If the score is below 21 you can decide your next move which can be choices like Stick, Twist, Buy or Split.

The different moves and their outcomes are explained below. Usually, if you have better cards than what the house has, you win that hand. If you lose to dealer you forfeit the bet.

You have the option to re-bet on the next round. You could keep the amount the same as before or change the amount as well.


Best Hands as Per Blackjack Rules for Pontoon

You need to memorize the rules of the game so that you can employ the right strategy at the right time. This will also help you decrease the house edge to 0.35%. Among the different hands you can obtain in Pontoon these are the following:

  • Pontoon or Blackjack is the best hand when you have a 10 and a Queen, King or Jack or a 10; this results in a win for you in that round;
  • Five hand trick is the next best; it is a hand where five cards are held with a total score of 21 or less;
  • You might have a hand of 3 to 4 cards; if the total is 21 or less you beat all others except if someone gets a Pontoon or Five Card Trick;
  • If you have a hand with a total score of 20 or less, your hand of 20 will beat one with a score of 18 or 19;
  • If you have cards that total over 21 then you have a bust hand;


How to play Blackjack Pontoon game

If you log into online casinos in India you will find several software brands such as NetEnt and Microgaming offering this game. Virtual game sessions might be slightly different from how it is played at real casinos but the rules for Pontoon usually remain the same.

The main difference in a virtual casino is that you play against the dealer and the banker role does not exist. With a lucrative sign-up bonus you can wager good money on the table; before you begin you can also opt for a demo mode to understand the rules fully before you start to play.

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