How to Play Aces & Eights

G2G's guide to playing Aces and Eights video poker.

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Published: 29/07/2019

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Guide to Playing Aces & Eights Video Poker from India

There are different video poker variants out there and one of them is Aces and Eights video poker. This is also called Dead Man’s Hand.

This poker game was introduced way back in the 1800s. There is an interesting story that goes behind how this variant was first introduced. Like other versions, you need to know the basic rules as well as win hand combinations possible.

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History of the Game

Wild Bill Hickok who is the founder of Aces and Eights poker.

The story behind this classical casino game dates back to a legendary gambler in the 1800s. Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead with poker cards in his hands. He was a gunfighter and lawman and the cards that he was holding were a pair of Aces and a pair of 8s. Wild Bill Hickok was a folk hero of his time and today several movies and biographies have been made after him.

That is how this version came to be known as Dead Man’s Hand. The kicker is unknown till now but it is rumoured that it could have been a Jack or a Queen of Diamonds.

In modern time Aces & Eights is more known as a masked American wrestling team in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) league.

Basics to Know

Screenshot of Aces & Eights video poker game.

To begin, when you opt to play Aces and Eights video poker you will start with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Five cards are dealt out for a first hand and it is played similar to Jacks or Better initially.

You need to hold strong cards so that you increase chances of having high paying hands such as four of a kind which could be 8s or Aces; any other four of a kind or 7s as a four of a kind. A royal flush pays highest for eights and Aces.

Hand Rankings

When you play Aces and Eights video poker the hands you obtain are ranked in the following ways:

  • Best hands are royal flush and four Aces or 8s;
  • Second best would be a straight flush followed by four of 7s;
  • Other combinations that are ideal and come after are four of a kind in other suits, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, Jacks or Better;

In order to earn a payout, you need to have a pair of Jacks or better in this version as well, similar to Jacks or Better.

Ways to Win

When you sit down for a session of Aces and Eights video poker, you need to keep certain points in mind:

  • Once the initial cards are dealt do not draw more if your hand includes a Royal Flush, a straight flush, straight, full house or a flush;
  • Payout is higher here when you have quad 7s, 8s or Aces;
  • If you have four cards to an open straight or to a royal flush then draw another card; you can also draw a card when you are left with four of a kind, four-card flush, two pair, four cards to a straight flush or two pairs;
  • Opt to draw two cards when there are three of a kind, three cards for a straight flush or royal flush;
  • If you have a pair, two cards leading to a royal flush or two of high value then draw three cards;
  • With a single card of high value, you can opt to draw four more;

In case you are unable to form any hands as mentioned above then you can opt to discard all five and draw on five new ones. Remember that a high card in this game usually refers to Jack or higher that is King, Queen or Ace while low cards are those that are below Jack, from 2 to 10.


Dealer flipping cards on table.

Usually, the minimum and maximum range for payouts are set by the specific online casino. In general, payouts are as follows:

  • For a royal flush, you get the highest payout of 4000 coins for five coin bet;
  • The second highest payout comes for four of a kind, usually, Aces or Eights where five coin bet will get you 400 credits;
  • Straight flush, with a max bet of five coins, leads to 350 credits for payout;
  • Four of a kind, with sevens or others, you get 100 as the maximum payout;
  • Other win hands such as a full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs and Jacks or Better provide payouts below 100;


The rules are simple and win hands are usually laid out on the game interface. As a result Aces and Eights video poker is easy to try at an Indian casino website.

The game is available at casinos that are powered by gambling software providers like Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and others. These platforms have easy game interfaces that provide necessary information to players as they try their hands at the game.

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