FAKE NEWS: Genesis Casino CEO & The Bonus Loophole

Genesis Casino CEO is not fired

Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 17th August 2022

Published: 23/03/2020

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The article where we uncover the loophole is below.


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G2G Debunks Another Fake CEO Termination Article

If you are new to G2G you might think this is the first time I publish news about bonus loopholes & CEO’s.

So is not the case.

Only a few months back the CEO of LeoVegas Casino was fired. And there was a lot of similarities in that article vs. the one you most likely just read.

Let’s delve into the scam and why the CEO of Genesis Casino is NOT fired and why there is NO bonus mistake.

Who is the real CEO: Peter Newsted or Ariel Reem?

As soon as I opened the article on Spotlightposts.com about the costly bonus loophole, I realized something was wrong. I only had to read the headline and the see the picture to know this was another scam article to lure people into playing at Genesis Casino.

The reason being is that the image portraying the CEO of the said online casino crying, as well as the headline, is the exact same as for the LeoVegas article.

In that article, I clearly busted the myth about Peter Newsted. There is no person involved in online gambling with that name.

So I made some research to find out who is the real CEO of Genesis Casino.

First of all, the company which owns the Genesis Casino (see the license authorization here) is called Genesis Global Gaming (corporate website here).

When I had the corporate name of Genesis, the real CEO was just 1 Google away:

Google results of CEO Genesis Casino
Google for the CEO of the corporate name of Genesis Casino.

This can also be confirmed by going into the LinkedIn of Ariel Reem, whereas I even have common connections to him.

Screenshot of Ariel Reem Linkedin
Evidence of the real CEO of Genesis Casino.

More arguments why the article is a hoax

There are a couple of other reasons why the 46 million rupee mistake is a hoax. The author of the article has obviously not read the bonus terms & conditions as an example. Here are some more points:

  • There is no-one in Genesis named Connor Hayden (the so-called new CEO).
  • The copy covering the free spins offer is incorrect.
  • Wrong minimum deposit amount to activate the bonus.
  • The article says “without risk of losing”, which is incorrect. You can always lose in gambling, that’s why its called “to gamble”.

It’s unfortunate that some people choose to publish fake news like this. The reason being is that Genesis Casino has a refer a friend system which some individuals seem to abuse. I have a good connection to Genesis Casino and told them about the aforementioned article and they will try to track down the user to terminate the credits he/she earned.

There is a happy end after all

Abraham Lincoln quote from fake article
I used this photo when I debunked the LeoVegas bonus loophole too.

After all, Genesis Casino is a really good online casino, not the best online casino in India but really good. I have written a 3000-word long review of Genesis where you can find out more about their payment options, games selection and much more.

The whole site is designed and themed from a space perspective and gives us players an exciting way to play any of the live casino or slot games as they have to offer. So far I have not encountered any other Indian casino with such a theme out of the 100 reviews here on G2G.

Genesis is also highly spoken about their big winnings. In late 2019 a player bagged the Mega Moolah jackpot of 25.5 crores!

So if you want to start playing there anyway, its actually not a bad idea. They have a very attractive bonus offer up to ₹30,000 (well not AS attractive as the fake article) and they accept INR gambling currency. No need to care for sketchy conversion rates.

5 steps how to get going today:

  1. Go to Genesiscasino.com
  2. Click on the “Begin Now” button and enter your details.
  3. Tick in the box to opt-in for the ₹30,000 welcome bonus
  4. Make a deposit of minimum ₹800 to get an additional ₹800 to play for.
  5. Choose a game and start playing!

If you encounter more articles which just seem too good to be true, please contact us so we can investigate and make sure no more Indian players are scammed by fake news!


Double your first deposit up to ₹10,000!

  • Visually appealing
  • Holiday packages on VIP program
  • 700+ slot games