Step Up to the Bollywood Beat and Grab Your Bonus at Betway!

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Did you think Bollywood is only about dance and music? Nope! It is about great stories, awesome acting, and now, you can also add some really cool casino bonus to the list as well!

A rather unconventional approach to these industries, Betway is here to entice the rhythm in you with the Bollywood Bonus Drop – India promotion.

Did you know that their deposit schemes are a breeze? No? You might want to check out my review on Betway before you get back to the Bollywood promotion.

Done? Great!

So, the Bollywood Drop Bonus is all about making a minimum deposit of ₹2,000 at the Betway Bollywood table to confirm your place in this promotion. It is not very similar to another of its interesting 2X points promotion but it is fun!

The Bollywood Drop Bonus is here from 10th February to 23rd February 2020, so you have plenty of time to amp your chances at winning. The only way to qualify for this promotion is to deposit a minimum of ₹2000 and wagering a minimum amount of ₹2,00o on any one of the Bollywood tables present at Betway. Hope you have entered the deal!

For every ₹2000 wagered, the player is sure to win one single entry into the draw where you will have the chance to win big! Prizes and the names will be drawn at random. You can be assured that there is absolutely no cheating involved.

Though you have 1 entry into the draw, the number of tickets you get depends upon the amount of money that you wager. Though sometimes getting carried away with the wagers and the prize tickets might not be a good responsible gambling ethic, in controlled behaviour, you have high chances of getting into that draw!

Here is a breakdown of prizes for you:

Accounts DrawnPrize
1-3₹10,000 Bonus
4-6₹5,000 Bonus
7-16₹2,500 Bonus
17-21₹1,000 Bonus
22-50₹250 Bonus


The good news is that you will get the prize money within 72 hours but you cannot transfer it to anyone. Moreover, the maximum amount you can withdraw from a no deposit free bonus/free spins/free games, is ₹3,125. The deposit and withdraw thing is not easy to understand, but you will get a hang at it.

So, now that you are aware of the Bollywood Drop Bonus, are you ready to go all in style and win the prize you have been eyeing for? So, Ja, Simran, Ja! Jee Le Apni Zindagi!

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