Combine 2 Cards, Win $200 at 1XBet’s Monte-Carlo Jackpot

The monte carlo jackpot at 1XBet

When the official betting partners of FC Barcelona and La Liga launch a promotion titled Monte-Carlo Jackpot, it inadvertently turns heads across the globe. Yes, 1XBet has recently launched a magnificent promotion for Poker aficionados.

With this promotion, you can win an accumulative jackpot of at least $200. Emphasising on “at least.” Running for an indefinite time period, the Monte-Carlo Jackpot can be spotted by the special “M” symbol marked on cash tables playing poker and the name of the game is to get the right combination of cards.

Condition to making this combination is that you’ll have to use pocket cards and nothing else and this is a strict condition offered by 1XBet to win the jackpot.

This ambitious casino has been rapidly rising in popularity lately and if you want to learn more, read my detailed review about 1XBet here.

Note: The Monte-Carlo Jackpot is rightfully only applicable for playing Legion Poker Hold’em that is marked with “M” so keep an eye out for this especially.

Hold’em has been the gentleman’s card game for ages now. Royal flush receives 100% of the jackpot while a Straight flush wins 30% of it so the share of the jackpot completely depends on the combination you manage to make with the cards you are dealt with.

  • To play this jackpot, at least 4 players must participate in a hand and 1% extra rake is contributed from every single deal made at the cash tables marked with “M”.
  • And to announce a winner, the hand must carry on until the river and in case there is more than one winner, the jackpot amount will be shared between the winners.
  • As 15% out of every single jackpot win is given for forming the next jackpot, 1XBet ensures that the online casino meets the standards of that of a Poker table in an actual Monte-Carlo Casino.
  • You need to be careful because the casino has the security of the promotion and all other games tied down extremely strictly. If you are found to be using more than one account to play the promotion or using a VPN, the casino will immediately disqualify and all your winnings, including your bonuses, will be forfeited.

Careful not to close your account while playing in the tournament, as this will automatically exit you from the tournament and the game. 1Xbet reserves all the rights to change the rules of the said promotion, or to suspend or cancel the promotion at any time, at its whim so visit the site and read the terms and conditions carefully before playing.

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