What is the Betting Behind Function in Blackjack?

Last updated on 18th August 2020

Published: 26/07/2019

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Blackjack dealer holds up two cards.

Guide to Blackjack Bet Behind Function

You can try a bet option called betting behind function in Blackjack. Blackjack is a card game, also known as 21 which is available at online casinos in India.

It is a traditional casino game that is also available online; it includes the thrill of wins as well as requires a certain amount of skill.

Today you can try a live version streamed in full-HD of blackjack at online casinos that mimic the experience of playing it at a real casino. And that’s where the Betting Behind function comes in to play, because you will only find it online!

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Bet Behind as an Option

screenshot of spliting Cards in a game of balckjack

We’ve covered other functions in Blackjack before, such as ‘insurance bets‘. But this function is a good recommendation for beginners!

There are different features and options that are applicable in Blackjack and one of them is bet behind the function. You can try it out at a virtual blackjack game or at a live session. This is one of the other strategies to follow, especially for those who are waiting to try live Blackjack and no seats are available.

Bet Behind is an option that allows one to bet on a handheld by another player. This opens up different possibilities as well as improves the chances of wins.

Basics of Bet Behind

If you wish to succeed in placing wagers or exploring the betting behind function in Blackjack, you need to pay attention to the player’s hand you bet on. It is best to bet your wagers on high achieving and hot players. In order to do so, you need to look at past rounds and how many they have won.

Payouts can be as per the standard ratios. Hence, if you use the 1 to 1 ratio in payout it remains active in gameplay and in the game. As and when first two of the cards total 21 a player would win and payout odds usually remain 3 to 2. Hence, all the rules remain the same in Bet Behind.


How it Benefits?

There are several benefits that betting behind function in Blackjack offers:

  • As a player you bet as you wait for a seat at the live blackjack table and hence, you need not wait to play;
  • For those who are new and inexperienced, they can learn by observing others and place bets of low stakes;
  • This helps them to participate in a game even if they have not taken up an active position;
  • You can place limitless bets in betting behind function in Blackjack which allow one to play for a long time;
  • It can be a side bet, a regular option that one can choose any time they wish to;
  • Even if you are a player at a seat you can bet behind others;
  • Bet behind has lower stakes and hence new players can start to experiment with such options;

How to Get Started?

If you wish to use betting behind function in Blackjack you can do so in the following ways:

  • When you come across a table where there are no seats available a Bet Behind option can be used; this is showcased by a pop-up message at the live casino website;
  • If you choose to use this option you can choose one of the seven seats and it would be available to you when it becomes free;
  • Medals and stars usually indicate playing position and how hot a present player is;
  • The main player that you choose could split the cards or choose the option to double down; in this case, the bet becomes doubled;
  • The player who bets behind follows the decision of the main player as well and then the bet behind wager is doubled as well; if you are using the bet behind strategy you can use the settings in the virtual portal or live casino section;

Use Bet Behind in Live Sessions

betting behind function in blackjack

Nowadays many internet casinos powered by software brands like Evolution Gaming or Asia Gaming can help players experience the function and how it works on their bets.

With live streaming technology that is smooth, gaming sessions remain uninterrupted. As a result, bettors are able to participate in a live Blackjack session as if they were at a real casino.

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