Slot Review of Wild Worlds by NetEnt

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Review of NetEnt's featured filled video slot Wild Worlds.
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  • Provider: NetEnt
  • Volatility: 96.47%
  • RTP: Medium
  • Paylines: Cluster pays
  • Reels: 5x5
Wild Worlds

Being the new slot on the block, released on 9th April 2019, with a minimum bet of only 20 cents, help the heroes save the world from the monsters with a chance of winning BIG! You don’t need those 20 cents either, start playing for free today at G2G!

A Chance to Test Your Luck in Three Different Worlds!

A slot machine is not just sitting with a box of coins, pulling the level and wishing upon a star so that you win something. Reviewing a slot game like Wild Worlds involved a lot of time and excitement because the game caters to you in whole new ways. It was well worth it and I now understand why Wild Worlds quickly became one of the most popular slot machines among Indian online casinos!

Gameplay, simple graphics, sounds, animations, bonuses as well as a huge chance to win money. This is what makes Wild Worlds by NetEnt easily one of the best slot games you’ll ever play. This 5 x 5 video slot comes with Hero Wilds (a wild card of sorts), free spins and a totally random Destroy Feature in case you have gone a few rounds without winning.

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GAMEPLAY! – What You Should Know

The story surrounding the online video slot is what makes this game VERY VERY unique to play. You can play Wild Worlds for free as well as with money.

Coming to how the game is played. Well when you start the game, there will be an introduction to the game with 3 heroes who are trying to save the world from a monster invasion. You along with your LUCK need to help them out.

The three heroes are signified by 3 colours which are Blue, Pink and Green and each of them is represented on the gems in the slot. There are blue gems with the blue hero’s face on it, the green gems have the green hero’s and the pink has the pink hero’s face.

Screenshot of the Hero symbols in Wild Worlds slot machine.
You can see the hero’s face carved on the gems.

How can you win? In the above image can you see any of the same hero face together? You can only win if 3 or more matching gems horizontally or vertically.

There are quite a few basic things to know while playing a slot game. I am new to this too so I will keep it as simple as possible:

  • You get to play through different levels in this game. From 1 to 10.
  • There are 20 coins given to you for each level which are of different values.
  • The bet value depends on the level at which you will be playing which you can select.
  • With the ‘Coin Value Selector’ you can select the value of the coins given to you.

In-depth review of the symbols.

Apart from the hero symbol, these other symbols also give power to the heroes for the future. If there are more than 3 of the same symbol, you win then too!.

Wilds and Scatter Symbols

The Wild symbol is an integral part of the game along with a scatter symbols which activate free spins during gameplay.

Wild – When you get 3 or more of the same symbols in the same row, you win. That’s the basic gameplay. However, during that spin, if that symbol appears elsewhere on the reel, for example, in another row or column, it automatically becomes a Wild gem. This, in turn, helps you win even more in the subsequent spins.

Scatter Symbols – This is perhaps one of the most intriguing and fascinating features of the game. If you get 3 scatter symbols in one spin, you get 8 free spins along with a bonus round taking you to different dimensions and fighting off the monsters in immersive game play. Remember playing Pokemon battles on your Gameboy? Something like that.

Features: Bonuses and Free Spins

One of the biggest features of this game is the Free Spins. Every time you get 3 of the same symbols, your next spin will be free. Isn’t that something?

There are a number of features in this game which you might not find in any other slot game. One of which is the ‘Destroy Feature’.

Screenshot of the Wild Worlds bonus game.
In this image, you can see the blue hero destroying the other symbols apart from this own colour.

If luck is not on your side for a long period of time and a number of spins, the Destroy Feature is automatically activated where one of the heroes with its power ‘destroys’ all the other ‘hero’ symbols apart from its own. This increases your chances of winning in the next spin. Amazing right? It’s like the game wants you to win more!

Free Spins

Free spins are easily one of the most attractive features of the Wild Worlds Slot game. I mean, come on, I just started the game and the first 8 games do NOT take any MONEY!

But the best part is yet to come. If you get 3 scatter symbols in one spin, you will get 8 free spins along with a ‘spin wheel’.

Screenshot of the free spins wheel.
The Red symbolises Fire Lands, the blue represents Ice World and the green is for Dark Forest. These are the different dimensions you can fight the monsters.

This spin wheel takes you to different dimensions in the video slot which are Dark Forest, Ice World, and Fire Lands. Here, with the free spins, you can power up your heroes to fight against the monsters and the BOSS, who is the most powerful of all.

There are mainly two types of monsters – The 3 Captains and 1 Boss. The 3 captains have 15 points each to be reduced to zero and the Boss has 105 points.

During the free spins round, if you get 3 pink hero and colour symbols together horizontally or vertically, you power up the Pink, Blue or Green hero to attack the monsters by reducing their points by 1 or 2.

Screenshot of one of the bonus games 'Dark Forest'.
These are the heroes fighting the monsters in the Dark Forest dimension.

Think of defeating these monsters as level one. You get 8 free spins to defeat all these monsters. In this dimension, you also get Wild symbols to increase your chances of defeating them. Every time you defeat a monster, they turn in a Wild gem which gets added to the reel.

Special Hero Attack – When you get many hero gems in one spin along with Wild gems, it gives you more coins which increases the hero meter to the maximum. With this IMMENSE power, your heroes can perform a special hero attack which is more effective than the normal one. It can reduce the power of the monsters and the boss by 5 points.

As after this, comes the BOSS who can get tough to beat. If you generally consider yourself a ‘lucky’ person, trust me when I say this, you will need all of your luck to beat this one.

When you reduce the points of the monsters and defeat them, you get Wild gems which increases your chances to get 3 similar gems in a row, increasing your chances of winning.  These Wild gems are randomly placed in the reel.

Ice Wold dimension bonus game in Wild Waters by NetEnt.
This is the BOSS. Your heroes are fighting him in the Ice World Dimension.

If you beat this guy in one dimension before your 8 free spins get done, you will be transported to another dimension with 8 more FREE SPINS to beat a new set of monster captains and their boss again.

Who would have thought video slot games would be so interactive and amazing?

Video and Audio

The theme of the slot game is not uncommon but what NetEnt has done is a wonderful job with the gameplay and the graphics as well. To put in that kind of data and detail in the gameplay of a simple slot machine is mesmerising. I was hooked within seconds when I got those free spins.

Birds saving the world is not a movie, but the theme is more or less on a film front where heroes save the world from the villain or the monster.

Coming to the audio, during the regular gameplay, I did not find it all that interesting. There is a hip-hop tune continuously playing during the game and different sound bytes during the spin.

However, while fighting the monsters and the boss, the audio is really good and it adds to the graphics of the game making the experience all the more authentic.

Symbols and Graphics

There are quite a few symbols which you must be aware of in the game and to understand it completely.

There are mainly three special symbols in the game which are:

  • Scatter symbol
  • Hero symbol which is a gem with a hero’s face. There are also the colour symbols which also adds to your points.
  • Wild symbols can be distinguished very easily.

Apart from this, since the game is highly character oriented, it is based on three heroes who are birds trying to save the planet from a monster invasion.

Wild Worlds has been programmed and developed in an efficient way to fit into mobile screens with easy accessibility to all the buttons and gameplay information. A real school book example for what a successful mobile app casino game could be.

The mobile version is essentially in portrait mode, however, it can also be played in the landscape mode depending on preferences. But it is much easier to play and have access to all the controls on the portrait mode.

Did I like Wild Worlds and would play with real money?

Hell yeah, I like Wild Worlds and YES, I would play the game with real money any time of the day

Given the gameplay and its programming to cater so much in so little for the player and help you win more, is something this game does wonderfully. So kudos to NetEnt for that.

However, it is not like there will always be wins and free spins. At some time, depending on various factors, the game does become cold without a win in sight.

But, just like at Hogwarts, help is always given at Wild Worlds to those who ask for it.

And if you are asking for the direction to play Wild Worlds for real money, I suggest you look just one centimetre down where we have recommended India’s most favourite and trusted casinos you can play at!

Where to play Wild Worlds for real


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