NetEnt’s new Emojiplanet slot to be released August 23

Release date of NetEnt Emojiplanet slot

What are emojis?

NetEnt have announced that on August 23rd 2017 they will be releasing a brand new slot called Emojiplanet.

If that name doesn’t instantly mean anything to you, then let me explain. Emojis are of course the symbols used in text messages, Skype conversations and e-mail communications to display anything from (the most commonly used) smiley face, to a face symbolizing jealously, sadness, blushing, sweating, illness or tiredness, amongst hundreds of others.

Additionally, other emojis can be used to symbolize activities such as dancing, singing, bowing or falling in love. They can also represent random everyday things like champagne, tea, birthday cake or the fact that it’s raining or in our case, sunny weather and a lot of pollution

You get the picture… no pun intended.

Now, all emojis that we use on a daily basis are created by a company called the ‘Global Merchandising Services & The emoji company’. And if you didn’t know that, don’t feel bad about it because I didn’t either. It’s just one of those cases where we all know about something, use it every day but just never got around to finding out who invented it.

Something like whoever came up with the idea of making pani-puris – who would have thought that something as crispy as a puri would taste so good with some tangy lemon water? Okay, I digress…

We all know about emojis, we all know how to use it and given that we live in India, we probably use it every day.  We just didn’t know that it was invented by a guy called Harry Beck in his spare time. But back to the emojis.

The slot is based on a movie released this summer

The release by NetEnt of a new video slot about emojis in late August isn’t completely random. That’s because the aforementioned company has partnered up with Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation to make a movie called – wait for it – The Emoji Movie.

Featuring the voices of such household names as Anna Farris, Christina Aguilera and James Corden, it’s an animated movie based around an emoji called Gene who rather than having the standard one emotion that all other emojis have, has several. The film’s plot centres on his journey through the complex world of Textopolis, a bustling city within the messaging app of a phone, alongside other emojis he befriends.

The Emojiplanet casino slot is based on the film and was released just after the movie hit the cinemas.

All about the mobile

One thing is for sure. There’s a natural synergy between emojis and NetEnt, who like G2G, are all about the mobile.

As Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, who we know very well from our NetEnt review says:

“As a leader in both mobile online gaming and innovation, Emojis is a perfect fit with NetEnt. Every day, millions – if not billions – of people around the world enjoy using Emojis. They have become a language in their own right; it is hard to think of a more collectively familiar and loved brand to partner up with.”

The release of this slot signals a completely new direction for NetEnt, who in the first part of 2017 mostly just released animal-themed slots such as Jungle Spirit, Scruffy Duck, Butterfly Staxx and CopyCats, in addition to the second installment of the Fairytale Legends series with the release of Hansel and Gretel.

Now, as you would expect, the Emojiplanet game itself is full of emoticons. We will release more details about the Emojiplanet slot in terms of symbols, graphics, and of course, the bonus features soon.