Play 4 Tournaments & Get a Free Token for Next Week at Dafabet

Latest promotion at Dafabet for Feb 2020

What are some of the fastest things on earth?

Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling, Light, A bullet train, The cheetah, My thoughts…. And sometimes, the swiggy delivery guy!

But why am I telling you about speed? So that you can pull your socks up and play your bets at a lightning speed at Dafabet!

One of the most competitive online casinos in India, Dafabet is here with its “Daily Speed” promotion, which has the potential to grab your attention even if you’re rapidly munching on spicy gol gappa.

Overview of the Tournament Details:

Name$0.22 Daily Speed
ScheduleMondays to Sundays between 21:00 and 23:00
Prize$5 Speed Prize + Pot Money
Buy-in$0.02 + $0.2


Starting every Monday and running till Sunday, the Daily Speed promotion is built to keep you at the edge of your seats and refreshing between 21:00 & 23:00 on the said days. So, this means you have the entire weeks’ luxury to place bets.

To amp your chances of winning, Dafabet mandates you to play at least 4 tournaments in a week between Monday and Sunday to get a Free token and play the following week. With the buy-in money of just $0.2 + $0.02, you can mindlessly start betting, as the winning prize money is multitudes higher than the stake.

Prize money of Pot Money plus another $5 Seed Prize makes this is a proposition like no other promotion has to offer. This takes me back to many other Dafabet promotions that have the knack to make things interesting while helping you win prizes!

Dafabet has been the go-to site for betting and it is one of the few websites to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to place bets. This mandates you to know about payment systems while you place your bets.

If it piques your curiosity to know more about this casino, I have covered the lengths and breadths of the Dafabet website for you already.

But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Jumping right back to the particular promotion, you need to be aware that Daily Speed tokens are issued only if you have played at least 4 tournaments in the previous week and this is credited on every Monday.
  • Just like any other authentic betting site, Dafabet also reserves the right to exclude or terminate players with multiple accounts.
  • If you are under special deals, this particular promotion may not apply to you. The site also has the right to disqualify you if there is any foul play detected while playing for the promotion, so it pays to be wary and play with one account, without any VPNs and other shortcuts.

So if you think that you should have been the winner at KBC’s fastest fingers first, now is the time to put your skills to test at this Dafabet promotional game. Sign up at Dafabet today and challenge your betting intuitions.


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